Sunday, February 17, 2008

award away!!!

It was really a banner day today as I caught up on visiting some of my favorite sites. At thru my lens lightly, I found that I was the recipient of an award. I decided to choose "I Love you this much!" Thank you, Kate I!!

At Sacred Ruminations, Storyteller bestowed the honor of "E is for Excellent" (and I realized then that Sunrise Sister at Mind Sieve had also mentioned me for this one a few days ago. So sorry for the lapse in acknowledgement...maybe I am not so excellent after all. Oops!!)

And one final mention for the day was found at Small Reflections where my favorite choice was "You make my heart flutter..."

As many of you know if you are regular readers, I often make up my own rules. In this case, I am choosing to give the award of your choice to YOU!!! If you stop by here and read (and especially if you comment), please know that I love your most excellent self and you make my heart flutter when you visit! I hope you will select the award of your choice and post it at your own site with my blessings!!!

I am so grateful for this funny little community!! Special thanks to the award givers!!! Write on!!!


Ted Marshall said...

Well deserved, oh fluttery one!

storyteller said...

What a pleasant surprise to find your comment and this link on my Saturday Surprise post at Small Reflections, so I'm one of the first to find your Sunday posting on Monday morning (though I must admit I've not taken time to catch up on previous days just yet and will do so soon). Of course your Diamonds blog needed this "E" award, and I'm glad you selected one of the others to share as well. I'll gladly accept the "I love you this much award" ... so thanks a bunch for making my morning!
Hugs and blessings,

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks ladies!!