Friday, March 12, 2010

a few new beatitudes...

blessed is the broken self,
for she shall find rest.

blessed is the one who rests,
for she will find self-love.

blessed are the ones who seek God,
for they will be held & upheld.

art & words inspired
during 3/11/10
soul care supervision group


Barbara said...

Blessed are those who learn to fly by night, for they shall find rest in the morning's light.

Maureen said...

Blessed are they who trust,
for in trusting they create kinship.

Blessed are those who are grateful,
for they who show gratefulness spread love.

Blessed are the voices strong,
for their singing fills our hearts with joy.

Tess said...

Blessed are those who live in paradox
for it will be enough.

Anonymous said...

Blessed are those who learn that a life of constant running leaves one out of (God's) breath and learning to be still allows us to catch our (God's) breath.
Blessed are those that know they are Blessed and know how to be still.

Kayce aka lucy said...

barbara, maureen, tess & anon - thank each of you for "bursting into beatitudes" here. i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed are those who are still for they will be blessed with movement.

Kim Zissa said...

Blessed are those that realize your past friends will help you through your future.

roxanne s. sukhan said...

These are all so lovely ... and i'm afraid i've nothing intelligent or worthy to add, so ... i'll just savour these new beatitudes. I saw a lovely flock of daffodils on my lengthy walk this morning, and as i captured them with my camera, i thought of you. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dianna Woolley said...

Blessed are those who share their lives, loves, and even heartaches with others.

Blessed are those who have family and don't take them for granted.


Kayce aka lucy said...

cloaked monk - your words are most welcome here. beautiful!

kim - amen, sister!! so glad to have you in my life!!! xoxoxo

tinkerbell - your flock of daffodils are definitely "worthy". thank you for sharing!!!

SS - yes. yes. amen. xoxooxoxox

Susan Carpenter Sims said...

Blessed are the bloggers, for they shall connect beyond the body.

Blessed are the suffering, for they shall find freedom.

Blessed are the listeners, for they shall hear truth.

kigen said...

Blessed are the songs
of our shepherds and guides,
for they lead us home.

Jenny Stevning said...

I found you through Susan of the Whole Blooming World.
I love this drawing and I adore these words!
Thank you!!

claire bangasser said...

Bénis sont les fêlés,
car ils laissent passer la lumière.

I read this in Estaing, just before Conques and some days after Le Puy, where one of the long Caminos start toward Santiago.

To translate it is not so easy and not pretty. But here it goes:

Blessed are those who are cracked
for they let the light shine through.

Someone 'fêlé' in France is someone slightly crazy...

You started something very lovely. Thank you.

Many blessings.

Karen said... and the comments of others...

Rebecca Johnson said...

Blessed are those who stand and wait
For the way shall be opened before them.

Kayce aka lucy said...

oh, i love all of these fabulous beatitudes and the accompanying comments!!! thank you all!!

blessed is she who writes her own beatitudes for she shall be offered abundance in return.

Kel said...

blessed be you all
for sharing your own beatitudes