Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whidbey Island Wisdom

The cormorant perches on a half-submerged buoy, both floating in the transparent morning light – not sunny, not quite gray with a touch of gentle mist in the air. Ocean angel opens her wings and balances like a scene from The Karate Kid. What does Madame Cormorant say to me? Balance, my dear. It’s time to regain your balance.

Swallows chase playfully past the bedroom window – moving at such speed they threaten to bounce off the crystal clear glass separating our worlds. Oh, precious swallows what say you? Play. Play. Play. It’s the essential beat of your heart. Wait no longer to play. It is the air you live and breathe.

Waves rhythmically lap against the sandy shore – licking the wet gray sand with their gentle tongue, kissing the earth while holding floating fowl. Love, they whisper to me. Open your heart like the cormorant. Play with abandon like the swallows. Kiss the world with sweet compassion.

I just had the incredible pleasure of spending two days on Whidbey Island, dreaming and scheming with wonderful friends. Above is the view and wisdom the Island offered to me. May your days be filled with earthly wonder!


Ted Marshall said...

The wonders of the world - big and small - have so much to say to us. I'm so happy for you that you had this time. Thinking of you over Easter.

claire bangasser said...

Living on an island, facing the sea, part of the year, I can absolutely identify with all that you are saying.

Praying along with the waves and the clouds is a small moment of eternity that comes again and again.

Easter Blessings.

Dianna Woolley said...

Lovely imagery you've laid out here with a feeling of the water and the breeze. I'm happy it was a good couple of days!

Kel said...

as Claire said, living where I do allows me to fully enter into the words you share here

and when I remember to slow down enough to appreciate it, I am blessed again

tenar said...

Sounds beautiful, wonderful. Meditating on seabirds can be very healing - I love your direction, to "play with abandon."

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you for the loving comments. it's wonderful how nature speaks so clearly when we allow ourselves to listen.


Abbey of the Arts said...

speaking as one of the wonderful friends, it was indeed magical and wondrous! Thanks friend for sharing your gifts so freely with us, we are ready to weave together something pretty spectacular. Maybe the cormorant is our program mascot? Is it listed in Animal Speak?