Friday, December 02, 2011

Tag the Tagline aka Help a Sister Out

As you may or may not be aware, I am nearing the final stages for my new book which is a compilation of 365 daily reflections in the spirit of this blog. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Today, I am conducting a very brief survey to help refine the title and tagline for the book. Your input would be greatly welcomed.

As you select your choices, please focus on what Title and Tagline would encourage YOU to buy this book!

Here is a link to the survey - which will take no more than 7 minutes to complete. Thank you!!!


claire bangasser said...

Congratulations! This is quite an achievement... Bravo!

Now to the survey :-)

Maureen said...


I entered some info into all of the "Other" columns.

It would have been good to have had an "Other" for all the groups of taglines to be rated and to have had a place to offer additional commentary. "Pondering" or "Ponderings" is a heavy-feeling and -sounding word.

Keep taglines as short, tight, and memorable as possible. They help define you and your book.

Will the book be available electronically as well as in print?

Kayce aka lucy said...

claire - i'm so happy to see your name here at diamonds :) it's been such a full and busy year and i've missed my dear blogging community. it warms my heart to know you're still here and i look forward to a more detailed catch up soon.
btw - saw the movie "the way" and couldn't help but think of you. xo

Kayce aka lucy said...

maureen - thanks for the input. of course, the book will be available electronically :)