Friday, April 13, 2012

Bold Living Today

Happy Friday the 13th!! It's been a gorgeous few days here in Seattle and I'm excited to wrap up the week with this tidbit of exciting news. Each Friday, a person who is making bold moves, living well, nurturing their creativity, following their passions, and making magic is featured on Bold Living Today. It is with great joy and gratitude that I announce today's featured guest... Can you guess? C'est moi!! (Need I translate?)

Bold Living Today creator and passionate living person, Kanesha Baynard has this to say:

Today's interview is with Kayce Stevens Hughlett. She is an author, speaker, life coach, soul nurturer - and someone I admire deeply. (Right back at ya, 'Nesh!) Kayce has the kind of energy and spunk that makes you want to fly and create something stunning - while skipping along eating your ice cream cone. Yes, she's that amazing. (Wow! It's awesome to receive this kind of love any day... Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck?)

Without further adieu, I invite you to pop on over and check out the interview. I had so much fun doing it and hope you'll enjoy reading it, too! Click here!!

Hmmmm.... It may be time for skipping and ice cream! Care to join me? ☺

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Sarah said...

Dear KAYCE S. HUGHLETT AKA LUCY. I like the Lucy nickname, because it takes you out of the system, where I live too, I have your book, it's like your blog, but portable beyond cyberspace, very cool. I can't read the whole thing at once, there's so much to take in. But I have flipped it open several times on my desk and just read some of your thoughts at random. They are always CHALLENGING and worth the read. Also a very thoughtful interview !! — congrats again on your success, in the system or out.