Saturday, November 25, 2006

Inner Poet

My inner poet is French.
Tipped beret and Mona Lisa smile. Her voice rings out with playful laughter, her arms wide open, leaping into darkness and light. She is beautiful and earnest. Seductive and serious.
She was born on the wings of angels and birthed out of pain and suffering.
I recognize her in the first morning light by the gentle shores of the sea. She is bathed in God’s fragrance and surrounded by belief.

What does this inner poet know for sure?
She is light. She is dark. Complete and unfinished. A creature of God. A glorious paradox.
This poet lives hidden from sight. Covered in blue scarves and white. Peeking through the window and knocking on the door. She lives at home inviting others to come and sit by her fire.

Her imagination is infinite. She dreams of knowing and being known, of embracing and being embraced. She desires community, fellowship, peace and solitude.
She must speak of everything. The resonant and the dissonant. The beauty and the depravity. The joy and the sorrow. The fullness of life and the darkness of death.

She sits on the sidewalks of Life, holding a thin cigarette and dreaming her dreams.
Her voice speaks in a beautiful accent. Tipped beret and all-knowing smile.
My inner poet is a romantic. She is French.

photo: mona lisa by italian (not french) painter, leonardo da vinci


Anonymous said...

Kayce, I hadn't been to your blog in a while because you hadn't been updating it, but now I see lots of wonderful creative inspiration unfolding here and recognize some of your beautiful words. A gift to be able to read them again here and what a delight to have you in our program. Blessings! Christine

Anonymous said...

I haven't known that much about blogs. (I'm a little behind..oh well) Your blog is beautiful, the pictures and your said your wonderful French woman (you'll have to dye your hair black!) "dreams of knowing and being known." And your blog makes yourself known in a way that I had never thought of before (again, being a little behind on the blog thing). I woke up with this theme on my heart today (I had read the article "Knowing it Loving" from the book "To Know as we are Known" in the middle of the night when I couldn't get to sleep). I woke up tearful, yearning & grieving. Your blog helps me to feel not so alone...but still, I look forward to being with you face-to-face next week.