Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Tiniest Thread

Threads. Crumbs. Rocks.

Standing in the darkness
reaching for something to hold, to grasp and touch.
Can a thread be a lifeline?
A crumb, a meal?
A rock, a source of safety and comfort?

Holding on by a thread, the smallest thread of hope.
Thin and fine, fragile as a spider’s web.
The tiniest thread waiting, hoping to be woven
into something strong and beautiful.

"saxon road spider" by lucy


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kayce,
I've felt so fragile this week....your beautiful words bring tears to my eyes. It makes me feel like maybe it's okay to be in this fragile place...even though it doesn't feel great, there's a sense that it's a part of something bigger that God is weaving.
Thank you, my friend....

Anonymous said...


The hope offered in full awareness of how very fragile you are, I am, makes me feel not alone in this vulnerable soul and body of mine. The words speak truth and are not with out faith. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.