Friday, April 25, 2008

fragile dreams

what is it about dream sharing that is so fragile? pondering some of the comments to my post, when dreams and reality collide, many thoughts ran through my head.

it feels so naked and exposed to put my dreams out into the world. it feels so presumptuous to consider some of them could possibly come true. even now as I write, I find myself holding back from sharing specifics. so I ask again, what is it about dream sharing that is so fragile? are we afraid of failure or are we afraid of success?

yesterday while driving to hood canal for a delightful afternoon with a dear friend, I found myself behind a huge red Ford pickup truck from Alaska. On its bumper was a banner that read,

“those who abandon their dreams will discourage yours.”

so I wonder, is it the discouragement of others I fear or is it my own resolve that if I state a dream out loud, one of two things will happen…1) the dream will seem ridiculously foolish or 2) I will now be “on the hook” and have to do something to make it happen--opening possibility for either success or failure. scary!

it seems that my most incredible dream fulfillment has come with surprise. in other words, it was not something planned. for example, 'I never dreamed I would go to graduate school', but when the “calling” came, I followed it and found myself experiencing a “dream come true.” wild, huh? it was a similar experience I relayed in Wednesday’s post. I never considered that writing and leading a couples’ workshop would be fulfilling a dream, but there I sat, at the end of the workshop, absorbing the experience and knowing something unexpected had played a part in making my heart a little more whole and full.

so is that what dreams are about? moving toward our heart’s desire? maybe that’s why dream sharing is so fragile, because it is a heart thing. hmmm…is sharing our heart the same as sharing our dreams?

I think I’ll ponder that one a bit more. how about you? what stirs when you think of dream sharing?

starfish - hood canal


Karen said...

Dreams are incredibly fragile--I'm always very careful about who I share a dream with--they're little bubbles, so easily popped.

In some ways, dreams seem deeper than my heart--or maybe bigger--beyond me. They are my connection to the universe, they are what make me ME. I sometimes think of them as directives I was given before I came into this life.

This is a case where I can't seem to get the words out, to describe what I feel--I KNOW it, but I can't SAY it...

Kayce aka lucy said...

karen--what a lovely response you have written! even though you say you cannot find they words to describe what you feel, i feel...maybe even know...that i am right there with you.

"little bubbles, so easily popped" wonder we guard when and where we choose to release them! thank you! keep on dreamin'!

Dianna Woolley said...

Some would say a star can't skip
Some would say that dreams are dust
Your dreams don' know that they're not hip
It's skip and fly and trust!

Sillllleeeee, those Hood Canal Starfish are amazing - so are you:)


Dianna Woolley said...

And now a word from my serious side - dreams are too scary to state out loud sometimes. It often means there needs to be some followup, there's an onus - your inner self has released a secret yearning and now it's up to the "real" you to do something about it.....and then, of course, there's that thing about finding the real you, and then it really gets scary. I completed a task today that I've been talking to myself about for YEARS! I've written it down often enough but today I actually completed the little dream that has plagued me for so long and now I'm on to part 2:)

You'll get to find out later....


btw - these word verification codes are getting tougher and tougher to read, arghhhh!

Anonymous said...

Lucy!! Wonderful post and picture!! I can't wait to hear about the workshop!! I think you really summed it up near the end of the post.....are you listening with your heart or with your head. When you listen with your heart your dreams or calling does come true but when you listen with your head that's when the doubts and questions arise. I'm so glad you are listening with your heart and also, it appears, also wishing on a star!! Love, Pamela

Kayce aka lucy said...

SS--glad you saw the "skipping star". thank you for the "silly" ode. i love it!

and...i can't wait the hear what you are up to...part II, huh?

pamela--i always love hearing what you have to really should think about getting your own "identity" are too wonderful to always be "anonymous" :-).


elaine said...

I visited your other blog this morning so besides pondering that wonderful quote, I will also think about my dreams. But to be honest, fear is the first thing that stirs in me when I think about saying them out loud.

You have a gift for drawing things out of people. It's impossible to refuse your invitations. :-)

Anonymous said...

The starfish photos came out so well! Glad I got to walk along with you as you discovered those even if the walk back was so tiring!

I was at a workshop yesterday with Michael Meade, he said there are three reasons people don't follow their calling/dreams/purpose/etc.:

1. if I show my gift I may provoke envy in others
2. living into our gifts can sometimes make us feel isolated or alone if we are surrounded by others who are not living in this way
3. if I give what I have I will go crazy -- the ego has to loosen control and sometimes this feels too threatening.

Good stuff to ponder, this may be showing up at my own blog. :-)

Thanks dear friend. xoxo C

PS -- I agree with SS, these word verifications are becoming very difficult to decipher!

His Girl Friday said...

I think there is a certain vulnerability with the sharing of dreams..'the popping of the bubble', yes.
The desire for them to come true, the dread that they will not. Perhaps 'dread' is too harsh a word maybe? Is it not that they will come true, and more, that someone (we allow) will crush them before they can even bear any fruitation?? Just randome thoughts.

excellent post, Lucy
(as per usual :D)

The Dream said...

Dream ... the name I wear like a badge of honor. What sparks my dreams is the reality that life is short and in pursuit of living my best life, I dance in my dreams as much a possible. Granted, I do live in the real world, but I'm pretty free in spite of it! Back to the canvas today after WAY too long ... dreams are bubbling within which need to be birthed. I know you get it!

Sue said...

All those fears and more make it scary to bring your dreams out into the open. I guess too that sometimes it's hard to know if it's the right time to birth them by showing them to the harsh air of day. I guess for me, a big component is the fear of others pricking the balloon. And also a fear that I will abort the dream by stating it, or that I will talk it all out and then somehow it will fly away because I've spoken it. So many reasons why it's terrifying!