Sunday, December 06, 2009

My Zen Kitty or...

...10 things I love about Aslan

Aslan is our adopted kitty who came to live with us in September. He has quickly made himself at home and won over the hearts of all who live with him. Today I share just a few of his endearments.

1. His coat is so thick and cuddly, he really does look and feel like a miniature lion.

2. He has nearly perfected the dance of a circus dog - spinning on his hind legs while waiting for a treat.

3. I adore the way he makes my husband laugh when they play together. Hubby tempts him with a peacock feather and Aslan repeatedly makes flying leaps into the air.

4. He is a true Zen master focusing solely on the now. I shall need to study him more closely!

5. When I am in the kitchen, he stretches his paws up the counter as if to ask “What’s up?”

6. He is quite the conversationalist when he decides it is dinner time. We share several words together as he not-so-patiently waits for me to get his food down to the floor. His meows sound much like Please – either that or Hurry Up!

7. He greets me at the door when I come home and watches curiously through the window when we are outside.

8. He seems to know when I need extra attention and sticks close by my side. One of his favorite spots is the middle of my chest. His fluffy tail is a great nose tickler.

9. When he decides I have been on the computer too long, he sits next to my chair. When I acknowledge him, he hops into my lap, onto the desk and proceeds to drape himself across the keyboard.

10. He is the kitty version of my golden dog, Curry, sharing unconditional love with me.

Do you have a loved one (furry or otherwise) who deserves a little tribute? There's no better time than now to share!


Abbey of the Arts said...

Lovely tribute to a beautiful kitty and I am delighted you found each other. Petunia continues to operate skillfully as Abbess and Muse and I have loads yet to learn from her, she brings me incredible joy each and every day.

Fabulous Aslan photo by the way. ;-)

Barbara said...

How fortunate you both are to have found one another! It is very special, I think, to find a cat that seems to know when you need extra attention. Aslan is gorgeous!

I will restrict myself to one little tribute each. Bogart beguiles everyone with his sweet and affectionate nature -- and that when he has not been feeling well. Humphrey appears to be a tough little guy, but he will give me a kiss if he sees me crying and come behind me and put his paws on my shoulder as a way to tell me he's glad I am there.

Kel said...

Aslan is a fine feline
i love his OH&S stance on ensuring you take a break from computering :)

Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) is the little ray of sunshine and laughter in our house. A little dog with a big heart.

Maureen said...

This is a post to make us smile.

I'm smiling as I think of Jack, my Westie who turns 8 on 12/8. Wherever I am, he is. He is white as snow (when he's just had a bath), a lover of light (he goes to the kitchen on summer afternoons to watch the sun stream in and tries to catch its movement), a sweetheart like no other. He is a rescue forever thankful, who always says "Good morning" promptly at 6:00 and "Good Night" when the lights go out.

Tess said...

I'm falling in love with Aslan long-distance. Perhaps he and my Lucy could have an online romance!

kigen said...

Lucy, I'm taking a time out from posting, but cats are so great a weakness...knees buckle. A kitty named Katie is my latest adoration! A kiss right there on the end of his nose for Asian.

Rebecca Johnson said...

I have a wonderful, wonderful companion who makes every one of my days better in some way, and he is especially an awesome companion on my daily walks. It always makes him so happy that it makes me happy as well. I feel like running over to my blog and posting a pic because he is just SO HANDSOME. And sweet. And good. I LOVE him. I wish that we could all post pics here of our furry loved ones. : )

Thanks for asking! (It's like asking a Grandma about her grandkids. )


Dianna Woolley said...

This outline of Aslan - I can't wait to meet him! ....and the tributes from your commenters are lovely.

I see Maureen and I share Westie loves but, of course, our steadfast Shelty, Andy is an amazing dog who is no longer a puppy and is beginning to be grouchy and was NOT the doggie I expected when a Shelty came into our house - but he remains faithful and ever present to his family members. He's a great dog!


Kayce aka lucy said...

C - i smile to think of the gifts both petunia and aslan have to offer. right now the image of the two of them in "stand off" mode comes to mind. it was wonderful to watch them find their rhythm together shortly after aslan arrived here. xox

barbara - your own tributes to "your boys" were definitely inspiration for this little piece. the extra dose of love around here is very welcome... and one other attribute is his ability to act as "hot water bottle" on these cold winter nights. in case anyone was wondering... we are delighted when he chooses to sleep with us!

kel - what a delightful name for who i am sure is an equally delightful creature!!

maureen - please send our warmest birthday wishes to jack!!! how does he feel about settling into middle age?

aslan, too, is a "light chaser". i find him draped over stairs, couches, in the corner or middle of a room... anywhere a ray of sunshine streams inside!

tess - hmmmmm. online dating, huh? what a novel idea ;-)

kigen - my first adult kitty was named katie. she completed her nine lives shortly after my daughter was born 17 years ago.

rebecca - this makes me wish that riley (see SS below) would resurrect his blog, so we could post pictures of ALL of these dear wonders! does your sweetie have a name?

SS - aslan anxiously awaits his auntie's arrival! hugs to riley and andy!!

thanks to all you pet-loving readers. i would expect nothing less from this bunch!!! xoxoxo