Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sacred Sunday: Honoring St. Lucy

Today is the feast day of St. Lucy - patron saint of the blind. It is becoming a tradition for me to share my own Tale of Lucy on this festival day. Please join me on this Sacred Sunday in honoring all of the Lucy's in your life.

Perhaps today is a good day to write your own tale. All one needs to start are these magic words: Once upon a time...

There once was a beautiful girl with pools of deep brown eyes. She lived in a normal house in a quiet neighborhood and some would say she led a privileged life. From the outside it looked that way, but on the inside she felt as though she were locked in a tall tower. No one could climb the tower to reach her. In fact, no one ever really tried. Only the evil gremlins communicated with her and all they said was, “Sit still. Look pretty.”

Although she was, in deed, quite pretty, she never felt that to be true. And as far as “sitting still” went….well, all she really wanted to do was play and skip and laugh and shine. The gremlins were quite envious of this playful behavior and in their resentment, they cast a spell over the beautiful girl. They used sweet sounding words tinged with bitterness that gently lulled her to sleep. But, just before she went into a deep slumber, the girl realized that she was being tricked. She knew something was terribly wrong and deep in her heart she clung to the dreams of her childlike nature.

Alas, the spell still took hold and the young girl was silent for many years during which time she became bitter and resentful just like the gremlins. She was crabby and spiteful and often pushed her companions away with her nasty demeanor. One day, a very brave friend looked at the girl and said, “You are Lucy. Lucy Van Pelt. Charlie Brown’s nemesis.” Hearing the name and making the association was like being struck over the head with a large stick (or awakened from a deep dark sleep.)

The name stuck and the young girl (who was no longer so young) realized slowly, but surely that she was not really Lucy Van Pelt in character and she still wanted to play and skip and dance to music and to have her heart touched by those she loved. She came to learn that the more she knew about herself, the more she wanted to love and care for others in return. And so, she began to play again; and she started to shine; and music followed her everywhere she went.

Birds gave her special messages and dolphins danced along her path. She was full of light. It was as if she had her own magic wand and she could use it to help others see their own light. She glistened and glowed. She transformed back into who she had always been deep inside her heart. She played. She skipped. She did the gratitude dance. And one day, she learned that her new name, Lucy, meant light. She was not only Lucy Van Pelt, she was also St. Lucy—Patron St. of the blind.

She was playful and beautiful and her pools of deep brown eyes could see clearly now. When she was scared and under the spell of the gremlins, she would pull footballs out from under unsuspecting victims, but when she was grounded and filled with love, she was St. Lucia. She was Lucy in the sky. She glittered with diamonds and pearls of wisdom. She was magically fulfilled.

Today, the girl-turned-woman loves both her “Lucy’s.” They make the completeness of who she is. The dark and light. The serious and playful. The crabby and kind. She needs them both. And so, you see, the gift of Lucy (given to her by a very brave friend) was one of the greatest gifts she ever received. For without that gift, she would not be Lucy of the light and there would be no diamonds for her to share with the world.

Today is St. Lucy’s day. Please join me in celebrating the Light!


Tess said...

I'm glad and thankful that beautiful girl came out to play and to celebrate her gift of light with all of us.

Today I also celebrate my dear friend Sr Lucy at Turvey Abbey, and my plump, sleek, grey kitteh Lucy.

Barbara said...

See how far the little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world. -- Wm Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice. Keep shining, lucy, for you light up our lives!

Anonymous said...

So glad I witnessed your "crowning" as Lucy and love it that you have discovered your true Lucy nature!!! Love, Pamela

Maureen said...

Your light cast from within makes all possible.

I enjoyed reading this post very much.

Rebecca Johnson said...

A lovely story. Thank you.

Kel said...

Lucy, thankyou for this delightful demonstration of being able to "lighten up"


Geezer Dude said...

May your light shine and illuminate as you dance the dances of joy and sadness.


Dianna Woolley said...

Lucy - what a lovely fairy tale. I love the happy ending!!!!!!


Kayce aka lucy said...

tess - you are indeed surrounded by lucy's!! glad i am one of them :-)

barbara - thank you for the shakespeare quote. i am adding it to my sidebar now!!!

oh pamela - i think perhaps there was a moment in the "crowning" when you wanted to duck and take cover :-) so, glad you were there and have continued on the journey with me! xox

maureen & rebecca - you are most welcome. thank you!

kel - smiling here.

geezer - it means so much to know you are here. may your own dance be filled to the brim with a wide range of emotion!

SS - it's kind of fun to write you own story, huh? xoxoxo