Sunday, June 27, 2010

Notes of My Song

"When a pianist learns a new piece of music, he or she does not sit down and instantly play it perfectly... It may all seem disconnected. It may not sound like a harmonious, beautiful piece of music - just isolated notes... Then one day, something happens. What we have been working toward, note by note, becomes a song. That song is a whole life, a complete life, a life in harmony." Melody Beattie

It seems as though I'm always practicing something - yoga - mindfulness - counseling skills - artistic endeavors - being a better wife, mother, friend. So, I loved when I read Beattie's quote this morning. It rang so true to me as I realize I'm practicing the parts of my life to come fully into the whole song that is me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully believe I'm already whole (as are you) AND I like to consider myself an unfinished woman which gives me opportunity to keep discovering new things along the way. This was a pivotal awareness in my journey with God. Once I realized I didn't have or never could figure everything out, it led me to a new place of curiosity and adventure. It really keeps things exciting and full of surprise as I discover the notes God has written in my song of discovery - about each of us, God - you - me. There's always more to discover and practice.

I began this post thinking I would fill you in on my latest practice, but I think I'll save that for another day. This feels like plenty to ponder on this sacred Sunday. So...

Have you ever considered the parts of your life as notes in a song? Some flow melodically and others seem like flats and sharps or clashing symbols. Do you have a current practice that's helping you create your best composition possible? Or do you let your fingers lay flat on the keys hoping the music will come without your input? Ponder alongside me, will you?

Blessings to you today. Thanks for stopping by!!

"The music will come together in our life if we keep practicing the parts." Melody Beattie

photo - lucy 'practicing' surfing - maui, 2010


Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

I was thinking recently about the gaps between the notes - knowing when to defer/delay decisions, but not leaving it too long. That was in the context of leadership, but maybe it's true in all aspects of our lives?

The harmony of notes and spaces; work and rest; learning and reflection; doing and being...

Jennifer said...

This is a beautiful post. Something came to me this morning or was it last night that I feel is an answer to the notes that have been written up to now and will string together the notes that I'll come to know. Thank you for forming these words to share with us today so that I can so perfectly articulate for myself this answer of sorts.

I love this post.

Although I feel flat due to a summer cold that has crept up for me, I know that the eternal is singing its way...somehow - still. I love this. I love that I don't have to know everything or reason it all out to fit into some perfect ideology to make sense of it - it can be a discovery, an adventure, a mystery.

I love this post!

Kayce aka lucy said...

hey les - i love what you write here. it reminds me of a quote by claude debussy -
"music is the space between the notes."

perhaps it is the same as we take "leadership" over our own lives - hearing the notes meant only for us and not dictated by others.

nice to "see" you. it's been a long time!

Kayce aka lucy said...

jennifer - i love your response and how it seems to have woven into your own song bringing clarity alongside discovery, adventure and mystery.

summer cold's are the worst! maybe it's your body's way of telling everyone else to stay away and give you some space :-)

claire bangasser said...

as I discover the notes God has written in my song of discovery

This is beautiful, thank you. No I had never thought of this in this way. I have felt sometimes like a reed through which the Spirit blew. So your post brings a new song this morning as I wake up.

Thank you.

Kel said...

hmmm, syncohronicities abounding around the theme of music, singing, song, notes

"do rae me so fa la te do"

considering the photos you shared in this post, perhaps you might be interested in my observations on the the zen of surfing

roxanne s. sukhan said...

The space between the notes ~ that's where we live, isn't it?

I like that notion of hearing those notes meant only for our ears ~ some experienvces in life are like that ~ meant only for us.

Kayce aka lucy said...

claire - "a reed through which the Spirit blew" - lovely!

kel - yes, the zen of surfing is something i haven't quite mastered :-)

tinkerbell - i agree we live in the space between the notes. i'm working with a woman whose whole memoir is around this theme... something i hadn't put together until i read your words. thank you.

Dianna Woolley said...

I, too, a woman of many "practices" - and I am constantly surprised at what I find as a new skill becomes more familiar to me. In the last few days I have been practicing deep breathing. Finding certain grasses, weeds. and dust seem to trigger a shortness of breath and some wheezing in me, I've been taking an antihistamine lately/occasionally AND vowed to myself to become more practice in deep vs. shallow breathing. Hardly a new concept that will change the world but something I find my body quite enjoys - the more fresh air, that is:)

OH, I love the "Lucy practices surfing" photos - priceless:)! Wish I could have been there - oh, wait, I was:)))))


Karen said...

I had never thought of my life in this way before, but now that I am--I REALLY like it. It seems freeing, some how. My life as one composition--something that can't be learned in one go--something that I perfect as I go along. So when things seem crazy, or I'm feeling particularly inadequate, I've got something to stop and think about. It's not crazy and I'm not inadequate--I just need a little more practice...thank you.