Thursday, September 02, 2010

Me Versatile?? You bet!!

I absolutely adore receiving awards. I can check my modesty at the door and say bring it on when someone wants to tell me I've done something extraordinary. In this case, 'extraordinary' might be a bit strong, however, I'll take my bows and thank Sunrise Sister for honoring me with the Versatile Blogger award. (I've been wanting a new little something for my sidebar.) This seems especially honoring in light of my moderate productivity rate this summer. So, thank you, SS!!!

I'm going to choose, however, to keep with the moderation and not officially pass this on to 10 specific bloggers. Instead, I invite you to check your own modesty at the door if you consider yourself a versatile blogger and grab one of these nifty little buttons for your own. I would ask, however, as a small token, you share 7 things we may not know about you. For me, it was harder than I might have thought since I really do try to share the juiciest tidbits with you here!! So, here goes - in no specific order - or significance. Have a grand day!!!!

1. I rarely pass a blooming rose without stopping to inhale its aroma. On my regular route, I have distinguished between which roses are worth breaking my pace and which ones have lost their scent for the sake of extreme outer beauty. (Oh, I think there may be a post in that one. ☺)

2. Someone told me once that your abs disappear after a certain age. For years I chose to believe them. Thanks to new eating habits, hot yoga, weekly workouts, & more delicious activities, my abs are starting to make a reappearance.

3. Many of you have followed me on a variety of international travels, so you might be interested to know that I applied for my first passport 7 years ago. It now holds a visa approved for Egyptian travel for the next six months ☺.

4. I leave for my Egyptian pilgrimage in less than 3 weeks. My flight takes me through Paris and I’m trying to decide if I have enough time and gumption to take a quick spin around the Eternal City during my layover.

5. My primary mode of journaling lately has been doodling and colored pencils while listening to either music or podcasts.

6. When I was in the 4th grade, I was an elf in the Christmas pageant (a very small supporting role). I got so nervous I almost threw up. Major stage fright!!!

7. I haven’t had a glass of wine (or any other adult beverage) since I returned from Hawaii more than 6 months ago. Not a big story there (well… maybe a little story ☺), but it just feels right for now.


claire bangasser said...

I never had abs :-)))) Don't expect to have some any time soon!
Congratulations for yours.

Dianna Woolley said...

Lucy -

Now that you mention it, we've had a rare abs sighting at our house as well - how coincidental:)

Love your 7 things even if I think I knew all of them - it's fun sharing good stuff!


Karen said...

I really like it when bloggers do the "seven things you don't know about me" meme (or a variation)--I feel like a squirrel, gathering up these little nuts of info...storing them away...oh yes, that's another little bit of fun!

Kayce aka lucy said...

claire, ss & karen - thanks for commenting. it helps know i'm not sending words out into a totally silent blogosphere :-)