Friday, November 19, 2010

Is God a Giant Ouija Board?

What are the questions I'm most curious about these days? Well, they're probably the things I'm curious about a significant portion of the time. Career. Time. Money. Relationship. God. Not always in that order. Is this for me? Am I on the right path? Was that a good decision? Did I do a caring thing? Am I ok? Oh my, it feels like I'm 10 years old again and playing with a Ouija board.

Ouija boards and Magic 8-Balls - maybe they do hold all the answers. Will I be rich? Absolutely. Will I be famous? You bet. Does God exist? Ask again. Oh boy, do we ever get past that fascination with wanting the answers? By asking questions do we treat the Universe/Higher Power/God like a giant Ouija board? Asking for an answer and anticipating the answer we want to hear. Manipulating the planchette and acting like we're not. Pretending we've let go of control when, in fact, there is no way we'll take our last finger out of the game.

What might it take to release and let go? What is our role in the grand plan? I remember a friend telling me a story I'll never forget. She had a college roommate who had a big exam coming up and didn't even study, then wondered why she failed the exam even though she'd prayed really hard. Is God our Magic 8-Ball? Are the answers right in front of us? Again, what's our role? I know if I sit around and eat chocolate all day I'm going to get fat. Do I know if I work really hard it will pay off? It depends on how I define "pay off". If I already have the answer planned then I may be disappointed, but if I let go of the Ouija board then I might be delightfully surprised by what happens.

What are your burning questions today? Do you need a speedy answer or are you willing to wait for the surprise? Will you study for your exam, sit back and eat chocolates or jump in the game?

Life coach Martha Beck says, "Listening to that mystical frequency, while staying safely grounded in logical and pragmatic action, is the key to planning the path of your best destiny."

I invite you to ponder that today. Me? I'm off to plan my destiny :-)

photos from St. Catherine's Monastery ©2010


His Girl Friday said...

excellent post; so many times I'm holding on so tight. As if I can fool myself that I can control anything. Influence, yes, control...tis only a perception, me thinks.

Dianna Woolley said...

Amazing this synchronicity stuff isn't it - prior to opening your blog this a.m. I've been sitting with thoughts of my own destiny - :) I even changed the header on my blogsite today to remind myself of how amazing it is to MAKE a decison and then find oneself in cahoots with the universe:))


Dianna Woolley said...

P.S. .....and I see that you're reading OUTLANDER by DG. I've read several in her series now and think I may have enjoyed this first one the very most:)

I'm reading MB's ....North Star now. My reading list is getting as long as my arm but they all seem to be working together to stir my head, heart, and creativity.

Kel said...

now that's an attention grabbing title!

as long as i can eat chocolate WHILE studying for the exam, it will be fine

love the qoute from Martha Beck, demonstrating that seesaw thing where mystical groundedness is a possibility

bring it on