Monday, April 30, 2007

Call Me Mom

Sunday was one of those magical days. I have decided to choose it as my Mother’s Day this year since that day has proven to be a bit tricky for me. Three years ago my mother died on Mother’s Day after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. It somehow seemed very fitting and appropriate for it was her time to go. She had endured a long battle with the big A and thankfully she went peacefully in her sleep before the rest of her body deteriorated slowly and painfully.

Two years ago my son (at almost 16) picked Mother’s Day (MD) weekend to disappear from our home. We did not hear from him for several days and it was an agonizing time. Last year while attending a dear friend’s memorial service in Prescott, AZ, we got the call that again MD had been marred. Our son had been arrested and was being held in the county jail. So, you see, it seems like a good idea for me to designate my own Mother’s Day. In fact, it helps to do it this way so fate cannot spoil a day that does not yet exist if it is not named until after it has already happened. So I choose yesterday.

It was a glorious sunny day which has been rare here this year. I delighted in spending some time snuggled up in bed with my books and pen and paper. The afternoon included watching my daughter play soccer—one of my absolute favorite things.

After the game we picked up our boy and had a wonderful lunch as a family—something we have not done since he moved out of the house in early January. He looked good and healthy and actually seemed glad to be with us. We went to a Mexican restaurant where the service was slow, the food was mediocre, but the conversation flowed like fresh water. My favorite part, of course, was a bit of laughter and watching J’s million dollar smile spread across his face.

I loved being with my whole family. They are beautiful, amazing and definitely individual people. After lunch, we dropped J off, took M to a friend’s house and came home for the afternoon. I then experienced the icing on the cake for a Sunday. I curled up like a cat, purred in the sunshine and took the Sabbath seriously with a dead-to-the-world, good old-fashioned nap. Ahhh. What could be better?

So, I declare yesterday my Mother’s Day. I’m not sure I could ask for much more. Today I share my anniversary of 20 years with a wonderful man, my children are safe and healthy, I feel rested and at peace, there are flowers blooming outside and fresh tulips in my kitchen and yesterday God shined his light on me. Call me Crazy. Call me Simple. Or, how about this?—Call me Mom.


Rich Sclafani said...

what a glorious day!

Karla MG said...

Beautiful! Thank you for being transparent, real, for being a mom! Again, I'm moved by your gift of communication! --K

Geezer Dude said...

I sit with wet eyes and a shallow breath. I remember and I hope.


Dianna Woolley said...

The photos are beautiful. MJ is the picture of our Mom. I thank God for your family outing and for all the blessings we all continue to share. Sunrise Sis

Geezer Dude said...

I endorse the comments from sister. Indeed, I looked at Mom's picture and saw MJ.

I reminded myself in my private journal of the joys and sorrows that pass through the generations. Those of Birt & Myrtice, John D. I & Ann, will live on with us, our children, and ...

Kayce aka lucy said...

dear family and friends-- thank you for sharing these moments with me.

MJ smiled at the picture last night and said, "yea, i've got those dimples, too."

geezer dude, it's nice to see you are no longer anonymous. your snippets of thoughts are deep and beautiful. i look forward to reading more :-)

love, lucy

Anonymous said...

So glad you had this special day....had a few bad MDs myself! smb

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom, glad to hear you had such a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing it with us.