Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Imbolc. For three mornings now this word has been drifting in and out of my mind. (Probably starting with this post.) Imbolc is translated as “in the belly” and that seems to be exactly where the stirring sits. Inside. Embodied. Changing. Shifting.

Last week Sunrise Sister asked, “Has an old person moved into your body?” Some days it feels like one has as my knees creak and my body stiffens. But there is a very young person inside saying, “Make room for me. I have much to do and life to live!”

For many years I had a great discipline of walking several miles most days of the week as well as exercising on a regular basis. Somewhere along the way those disciplines drifted away. While still active, I realize that I now spend more time sitting, writing, and reading. I have not been sleeping as well at night and my head often pounds in the morning when I awaken. Again, I here the voice that says, “Take care of yourself. There is too much to do…to create…to see…to live!”

And so in this way of listening, I happened upon my Lenten practice for the year. It will be a time to take care of my body. Not in a “boot camp” sort of way, but gently and intentionally. Today is Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, which announces the beginning of Lent. Lent traditionally means a time of fasting which can in itself ring of deprivation and another start to already failed New Year’s resolutions. That is not what I am feeling for this season. Again, it is gentler, kinder and more being mindful of how I am treating my body. What I am putting in it. How I will keep it moving. Where I will find rest. It honestly reminds me of being pregnant. Thinking of a seed sprouting from inside. New birth. Growth. Taking care of my body as if it were pregnant, because (figuratively speaking) it is!

Germinating new moments & creations. Moving toward life. What is stirring in your belly as we enter this season of Lent?


Anonymous said...

lucy, your post made me smile, because one of the things i was reflecting on for Lent too was how my walking has dropped off, and how i want this time of making more stillness to be a time I nurture my body more. thanks for being on the journey alongside of me. :-)

Dianna Woolley said...

Lucy, here's the stirring that reminds you to care of your physical as well as spiritual self.

My belly is so full of thoughts and the fact that tomorrow I actually begin to READ my poetry book, hoping to eat well, take in the right amount, to use the food for nourishment and recreation.

The other thought I have this a.m. is how am I going to eat all of the stuff in that refrigerator before tomorrow a.m.?!:)


Karen said...

This seems to be a time of reflection for me--I'm thinking of what I already have, what I still want, and being grateful for all.

Barbara said...

My body needs more sleep, otherwise I cannot accomplish all that I know I need to do. That will be my Lenten discipline.

Kayce aka lucy said...

these are all wonderful "gentle" reminders of lent. i don't think we all have to trudge into the desert and starve ourselves to be close to God. thank you. AAOT,SS, K & B!!!

Kate I said...

Lovely post Lucy. Thank you for the gentle nudge and reminder that I too have much left to do, feel, experience and enjoy, with this body of mine being the vehicle that will carry me through on these adventures...if I honour it and respect it with loving care.

Thanks too for you kind comments on my journal pages.

The Dream said...

I have an idea - blow off Paris and come to Maryland - we can go on lots of walks!

Kayce aka lucy said...

how 'bout if you blow off maryland and come to paris. we can do lots of walking and talking there :-)
if not now, i know it will happen eventually...somewhere...sometime :-)
take care, friend!