Friday, February 01, 2008

My Male Companions ☺

Last week, my main "man" was featured in an interview here.

Today, my dearest furry friend finds himself in print here. (Warning: Riley's site is really for dog lovers only and/or those with a broadened sense of humor and imagination!)

I am blessed to be surrounded by such inspiration!! Je suis tres contente!


storyteller said...

Thanks for introducing the “men” in your life. They’re both quite special aren’t they … and you’re a fortunate woman, but of course you know that.
Hugs and blessings,

Dianna Woolley said...

Lucy please tell Curry how proud and majestic he is in the photo op that you show today. I aspire to be as elegant as he is in my twilight years. Although, I think the elegant part may be a reach for me.

Thank you for mentioning my site in your post. Curry is an inspiration to me:)

Licks and loves,


The Dream said...

Curry is gorgeous!!!!
I really need to get Sunny over to Riley's blog sometime soon. I sent a super cute pic of him to Just Labs magazine, in hopes that he will take his rightful place among other super cool labs.

Again, it was great to read your man's words!

Give Curry a nice scratch behind the ears for me!

His Girl Friday said...

always good to get to know you and yours better! :)

Sue said...

Your dog's a bit of a spunk like your husband :)