Monday, July 07, 2008


Today is the 13th birthday of my wonderful companion, Curry. He is a wonderful old guy who has lived a very full life. His back legs don't work very well and he sleeps most of the time. When he chooses to give a hearty "Woof!" it sounds as though his vocal cords have been scraped with sand paper. In spite of all of this, his attitude remains good and he seems quite happy to be alive. This can be evidenced by his enthusiastically waving tail and the smile on his face when the sun shines to warm his golden fur. Happy Birthday, Curry!!!!

Today is also my 350th post at this site. Hooray for me. It's only taken me about four years to do what some do in one (or less)... Many thanks to my wonderful readers and faithful commenters!!!

Celebrate a little today. I highly recommend it!

photo of "younger" curry


Anonymous said...

Petunia and I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CURRY to a very sweet and wise old soul. Love to you both.

Dianna Woolley said...

Riley, Andy, FSteve and I all wish that great big bear of a loverly dog - Happy Birthday and congratulations to YOU, Ms. Lucy, your posts are something to celebrate!

Kayce aka lucy said...

curry and i thank you all very much! we had a delightful day together gardening and hanging out in the sunshine. plus curry got to do a little strolling up and down the block and a little "woofing" at passing friends, too.

i will probably post a few current photos of the old bear as soon as i download them. he appeared to be quite content and photogenic today :-)

xoxoxooxo, curry & lucy

H.M. said...

Hurray for Curry and hurray for 350 doses of Lucy! :)

Kayce aka lucy said...

thx h.m. i definitely keep checking in with you even though comments are sparse. i don't know much about canada, but i really love my canadian friends!!!!!