Wednesday, July 09, 2008

so who's the kid here?

There is nothing like a teenager to cramp your style. Let me begin with this. I love my daughter AND she makes me crazy. I know. I know. No one can make you crazy, but teenagers (and I will be more specific here) teenage daughters certainly give it their best shot.

I have nearly survived my son's adolescence and believe me
when I say that was no easy feat!!! (He turned 19 in May and is
living on his own and supporting himself. Hurray!) My daughter was always the "easy one" but now she seems to be making up for lost time.

Now not to sound melodramatic, but who in their right mind refuses to drive with the convertible top down on a perfect Seattle day? Or uses statements like 'I'm not physically or emotionally ok to play today'? Who then stays on the phone half the night only to complain she's too tired to get up? Would you like to take a guess? Have you ever known anyone with similar symptoms?

I understand these are "normal" and minor infractions, but jeez louise I am finally learning how to play again and now a KID is trying to rain on my parade. Isn't that supposed to be my job?

Hopefully in a few years we will look back on this era and laugh together. In the meantime I think I'll finish this little rant and go ride my scooter or run through a sprinkler or something equally as appalling and childish. I mean, someone's got to have some fun in this family!!

So who or what is cramping your style these summer days?

Wishing you freedom, joy and play!!!


His Girl Friday said...

Well, I can commiserate. I was just thinking about "playing" the other day, and then there was the kids and the "drama" of teens getting in the way! AAAGGH! :)

remembering to play is a good thing! Recreating Re-creates You! :)

Ted Marshall said...

I will just throw in one comment: the reason I've never bought a convertible is because I would only ever consider riding with the top down in winter. I hate the feeling of sun on my skin so no way would I ride with the top down in the summer.
So make what you will of that...

Sue said...

My naval gazing has been cramping my style. But that seems to be coming to an end. You have no idea how exciting that is.

What is cramping my style these summer days? Winter. Winter is cramping my style :) It's COLD (well, cold for Melbourne. It's 8 degrees (46F), windy and raining. Yuk.

Country Parson said...

The teenagers in or lives right now are goddaughters and nieces. Although our oldest granddaughter just turned 13 and she lives over 2,000 miles away. It means that we can have that wonderful arm's length loving relationship that has just enough distance to keep us from getting under each other's skin.

Kayce aka lucy said...

HGF--i was pretty sure i had some other parents of teens out there reading...thanks for this "recreating re-creates you". i love it!

tess--well, i guess you saw what i made of that :-) xoxooxoxo

sue--it is so odd to think of you down under experiencing winter right now which actually seems like a perfect time for naval gazing to me...

cp--i can't imagine you had any of that "getting under the skin business" during your girls teenage years, huh?

Sue said...

Well, Lucy, winter IS a perfect time for naval gazing, but after doing so last winter, I then proceeded to naval gaze through spring summer and autumn. I'm totally OVER naval gazing :)

(But it's fun to do though, huh, in it's place. Like running through fountains. But the most wonderful thing after long naval gazing bouts is realising that all the real fun is out there loving other people.)

Dianna Woolley said...

And no CP didn't have the aqgravation - he delegated it to me:)

How's least she's talking to you some of the time.

and I have a similar reaction as Tess to sun on one's head in an open car. I'd like a convertible where you didn't have to shout to hear one another and where you didn't feel you were being played with by an eggbeater - your car is so cute though, I might enjoy the top down and I have seen a lovely, silver grey, 500L, 2 door convertible at the YMCA that looks pretty dreamy also, but I expect one ride with the top down and that would be it for me.