Saturday, September 13, 2008

be alive!

“Being alive is the special occasion.” --Patti Digh

What does it take for us to believe that being alive is the special occasion? That each day is a gift—each moment? That I am special? That my wrinkles have been earned? My body has been well worn? That I am fortunate to be getting out of bed each day—aches, pains and all?

So, what gets in my way? Mind chatter. Laziness. Ego. Outside and inside messages. I let it happen. I let another’s attitude dampen my day. I allow too little sleep to make me tired and cranky. I buy in to the voices in my head that I often don’t even hear speaking.

Why don’t I put myself out there? What keeps me from creating? From stepping into the process? Lots of the time I won’t allow myself to enjoy the process of art making. I jump to focusing on the end result. It won’t be valued. What will I do with it? There’s no room to store it. It’s a waste of time…resources…money…blah blah blah.

Forget about the end result! It is a process. Just like life. Just like my blogs. When I focus on "productivity," I make my own destiny, because I worry about the end results. Again, what will others think? And so I don’t even put anything out there and then of course readers quit stopping by. I quit creating and the world—the universe—one person even has lost the opportunity…And, there I go again jumping to the outcome. I don’t know what happens when I don’t create.

Do I know what happens when I do create? I am learning I really don’t KNOW much of anything. Wonder if I can be o.k. with that? Will I allow myself to go with the process rather than focusing on the end result (which I can't determine anyway)!?!??!? I sure hope so, because one thing I do know is that being alive is the special occasion!

Now go on, get out there and be alive!!!


storyteller said...

Reading your post today and realizing you speak my heart for me so often … I’m grateful to have happened by and am reminded of what I’ve missed. Thanks ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I'm working on it....

Dianna Woolley said...

Being alive with a cold is not as much fun as being alive without a cold....but I have had lots of "in bed time" hours with my mind drifting from friend to friend who have so much tragedy and heartache in their lives right now that I am a dope to complain about a cold. I can't wait to heal and live it up in a few days!
Thanks for the sunflowers:)

Ted Marshall said...

I'm feeling so alive at this my favourite time of year as we move into autumn and winter. The sun is shining here this morning and the last roses are blooming in my garden. Over the fence I see a neighbour's apple tree laden down with russet globes of goodness.
So much to be alive for - and thank you for the reminder.

Kayce aka lucy said...

storyteller--it has been really great to see you hear more often. i am so glad your heart can be touched here!

hang in there, rebecca!

SS--i wondered what was going on. so sorry to hear you have a crummy cold, but ain't it great to be alive?!??!?

tess--i can hear the life in just those few short words from you. thank you for sharing!!!! wonderful.