Thursday, April 23, 2009

pressing delete

so, i have been gone for more than a week and have not checked any blog sites in the meantime. today, looking at the nearly 200 posts in my blog feeder, i practically started to hyperventilate. at the risk of missing something very important while also attempting to maintain the rest and sanity gained over the past few days, i have opted to press delete and start afresh.

i may or may not get caught up on my reading and i pray i will not offend anyone with this act of self-preservation. i do, however, invite you to let me know if there is a "must read" out there that i may have missed in my absence.

looking forward to starting afresh...tomorrow!


Sorrow said...

A good friend would pick up the phone and call you with there joys
and there sorrows.
They would lean a little.
The friends of the blog world can support you,
by simply smiling
and softly clapping Their hands in Love, for your support
of self

Sue said...

All of my posts are must-reads, Lucy.

Tess said...

I do that sometimes, when I've been busy or away. I may just whisper to you my news that I am now free!

Kayce aka lucy said...

sorrow--thanks for the applause :-)

sue--i know, dear, i know...see you soon.

tess--your news deserves much more than a whisper. shout it from the rooftops. you go girl! i am so happy for you!!!

Val said...

Paring down, hitting "delete", purging... is indeed a matter of self-preservation.

Good for you for knowing when to say when.
: )

thymekeeper said...

Such a gift of self-care! Carry on!

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks for the support, val & thymekeeper!!