Friday, May 15, 2009

welcome the dark

Go to the place of your greatest fear
and there you will find your greatest strength

image from lucy's book of hours

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Anonymous said...

Lucy, Perfect. :)

And thank you for the comment on yesterday's post. I am very, very interested in the work you have done. Did you study a particular "school" of therapy theory, or did you develop a story method on your own, over time?

Dianna Woolley said...

I love this image!


Kayce aka lucy said...

blisschick--i am thinking you and i may need to have a conversation soon about our various ventures as i, too, am very, very interested about the work you are doing.

my "school" of therapy was principally relational and/or narrative therapy. over time, however, by doing my own work, witnessing others, working with soltura and writing writing writing, i have/am developing my own methods. i principally find methods or ways of doing things that resonate with me or simply come out of my intuition and later find they have an official name.

thanks for asking. your posts continue to be extremely on point for much so, that i find little need to write anymore, but can simply refer to you.


SS--it's really wonderful, isn't it?

see you soon! xoxooxox

Tess said...

I love this and would very much like to see more of your "Book of Hours".

There's something a little spooky happening here though girl, your image is very, very similar in style to a self-portrait I'm working on at present.

I may put it aside for a few days and see what direction it takes.

Unknown said...

Wow, so simple and yet so incredibly true...thank you!

Sue said...

Is that pic you, Lucy? Awesome.

Ahh, like Gabriella Moonlight said, so simple and yet so incredibly true. Isn't THAT the frustration. We want everything to be madly horrible unaccomplishable but its actually simple as long as we have the courage to look. I did so on Monday in my art therapy session and I love myself for it :) And, afterwards, a headache so massive I felt ill. I've been carrying around that particular glob of suppressed anger for 20 years and it threatened to almost pop the top of my head off via the headache. Thank God for appropriate times of release, and the willingness to go there. I am joying today :)

storyteller said...

Where to begin? I've missed so much as I meander with my camera and live in the actual world these days ... but I've just read a BUNCH of your posts in Google Reader and now I'm trying to think. Happy belated anniversary! May you share many more happy years together. I loved the photo of your beloved fur-friend and daughter ... totally relate to PRESS DELETE (there have been more than 1000 unread posts in GR for months now so I have no idea just how far behind I might be ... resisting the urge to mark all as read but allowing myself to spend as much time as I can reading and responding ... then allow myself to close the reader and walk away from my computer without guilt) because like Mary Oliver ... I'm free (when I allow myself to be). I dunno when I'll get back here (or to Lucy Creates) but know that you're in my thoughts often and Grace Abounds is in my hands frequently.
Hugs and blessings,