Monday, May 31, 2010

Catching Up

Wow. It’s been a full week since I last posted here. That doesn’t usually happen unless I’m traveling or on vacation – neither case is true this week. Hmmmm. My words feel few even though my experiences of the last week are rich.

Did I tell you a mother crow swooped down and whacked my shoulder – not once by twice – as I mellowly walked home from yoga last week? I can’t begin to tell you the thoughts and emotions that swirled through my mind with that encounter!

A friend recently introduced me to hot yoga. It’s combination of heat and focus is allowing me to enter a whole new body/mind/spirit/strength connection. The practice is comprised of a 90-minute routine working through about 26 poses in a room that reaches temperatures of 105 degrees. I’m currently in the beginner stage and hanging out where it’s only 85 ☺. It’s no wonder I produced a “water” soul collage card with minimal apparent water (that I’m still processing.)

My bookshelf finds me reading Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter, Ann Kidd Taylor. It’s a relationship, coming of age, mother/daughter, struggling writer, traveling the world, kind of book. It’s right up my alley.

The weather this Memorial Day weekend has been gray and gloomy and only now with hours waning has the sun appeared. This didn’t stop my husband and I from visiting the local Farmer’s Market and hiking throughout Discovery Park on our leisurely Sunday. Today has brought a sprinkling of necessary work mixed with a visit to see new puppies – one named Lucy who was my favorite, of course – and a nap with the master himself, Aslan.

I’ve done a little catching up with some fabulous blogs and pressed the “mark all read” button more than I prefer. Life feels like a good rhythm as I continue to discover new adventures and settle into old comforts. Writing here is both. I wasn’t sure what would emerge on the page when I began to type. Nevertheless, I wanted to catch up and say hello. A week’s much too long to be away.

Do tell – what do the rhythms of your life hold these days?

blooming tides @ discovery park ©lucy


Kel said...

mmm i can relate to the rhythm of blogging less - i recently didn't post for a whole fortnight!?!
but i seem to be back at it again
as are you

hot yoga sounds incredibly challenging, no surprises that your water card was somewhat dehydrated, after all that sweating

but its always nice to have an excuse to tuck into some hot salty chips :)

Maureen said...

Welcome back.

I had not heard about "hot" yoga. Will have to ask my son if he's tried it.

I'm been busy with writing. Just finished earlier this evening a poem that I decided to submit to Poets for Living Waters. It went through multiple drafts. Some wonderful poets are contributing pieces about the disaster in the Gulf, which seems more dire every day. I'll let you know if my piece is selected.

Blog Carnival on the prompt "emptiness" is tomorrow. Back to writing.

roxanne s. sukhan said...

Balance. Striving for, hovering around, balance. And transformation ~ great metamorphosis. Together ... as in, at the same time.

Barbara said...

I've been getting my place in order in advance of a brief trip to Quebec City next week. I hope the catsitter does her job. She comes well recommended. Most of all, I feel transformed -- lighter, stronger, more energetic, joyful. It has come upon me suddenly and it is GREAT! I can't help but think it has all to do with my decision to separate from my old parish and commit to the new one.

Dianna Woolley said...

Hey Lucy, Our newspaper tonight had an article in it from The Seattle Times re a young mother walking her toddler in Ballard and being "whacked" by an apparent Mother Crow a couple of times.....who knew it was a trend? Anyway, keep a watch out as the paper states that crows remember people and faces so she might strike again!

Not to worry though, our paper had reports of a cougar walking on the Whitman Campus last evening - 1:00 am, then down main street. We certainly all would have thought it a hoax except the cops came out when called and indeed it was a cougar - I'll take the crows anytime:)

Sunny day here today and lots of energy here in our household from it:)

Thanks for catching up with us all - the hot yoga sounds - well, it sounds HOT!


claire bangasser said...

My life is moving faster than I am. I seem to find myself ever a day or two behind the date...

It is also a sort of enchantment to be alive... Everything is precious.

Your encounter with the crow reminds me of a bee that went out of her way to sting me some time back. I felt it as a gratuitous act of violence against me. Your crow sounds somewhat similar, but much much bigger!


Susan Carpenter Sims said...

I'm going to have to check out that Sue Monk Kidd book; that sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

It's funny how many of the blogs I follow have had posts titled "Catching Up" in the past couple of weeks. It's a good sign to me that we are all out living our lives in the sunshine instead of inside on our computers.

Karen said...

Sometimes it comes and goes--and it's all good. Sometimes we have to live the life, sometimes we have to contemplate the life, and sometimes, we have to express/create the life. All parts are necessary!! And WOW on the mother crow--what an experience. I looked up the symbolism of a crow, and there were various interpretations--the one I liked best is that is symbolizes ancient wisdom and magic. Is there something you need to know? Or was it just an angry mama bird wanting you to stay the heck away from her nest?