Sunday, May 02, 2010

What it is I do...

"While we have the gift of life,

it seems to me the only tragedy

is to allow part of us to die --

whether it is our spirit,

our creativity or

our glorious uniqueness."

-- Gilda Radner

Recently, I've had more opportunity than usual to talk with people about what it is I do. My work expands an array of modalities - psychotherapy, supervision, spiritual direction and artistic expression - while working with unique people from a variety of sectors.

I see individuals in my private practice, and work with pastors, counselors and other compassionate listeners through small groups. My volunteer world finds me co-facilitating spirituality groups at the Recovery Cafe. My training as a SoulCollage® facilitator often plays a role in these venues, as well as in separate workshops for those exploring self-awareness and/or creativity. Speaking opportunities and writing assignments give me the gift of connecting to even larger audiences.

While it can be difficult to succinctly sum up "what I do", Gilda Radner's above quote captures in a few short words the perspective that bridges both my therapeutic and personal worlds. Life is indeed a gift, and I believe we each possess the power to give ourselves a great life. Only we can discover the "glorious uniqueness" of ourselves that comes through self-awareness.

As I pondered further Radner's quote and the question about "what it is I do", the following words rang true for me:

It is my desire to help people empower themselves to live great lives - to connect with their spirituality and/or creativity and most importantly their own personal uniqueness.

Today, I invite you to consider: What does the gift of life offer you? Can you name where or how you feel empowered? Have you allowed "tragedy" to move into your life and let a part of yourself die - spiritually, creatively, uniquely?

I'd love to ponder alongside you.

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Tess said...

"What you do" seems to me to work together in a virtuous circle.

I love Gilda Radner's quote (I think it will find its way into my tumblog).

I think my honest answers to the pondering are yes sometimes I can name the empowerment. And no I don't think I have let part of myself die... but elements of my creative and spiritual being have spent a long time in a coma.

That sounds frivolous but it isn't meant to be. There's another part to the analogy. I don't know if it's true that talking to a patient in a coma is helpful, or whether that's just something in movies! But the "voices" I've heard at various stages in the coma have had an amazing ability to say the right things, and somewhere on some level those "words" stuck.

claire bangasser said...

Yes, I like Gilda Radner's words as well.

I see a lot of my spirit, creativity and uniqueness going toward an encounter with the Divine -- and I cannot say where this is taking me or what it will do to me.

Of course, there are other aspects to my life, my daily life, which come into play as well.

I just find that the more I venture into this Unknown, everything I do lines up with the quest in one way or another.

Simultaneously, some aspects are no longer as important and slowly fall by the wayside.

Am I losing some of my spirit, creativity and uniqueness in the process? I expect to find that out at the end.

BUT your asking the question is very important and helps me stop and look :-)

Thank you.

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess - "a virtuous circle"... oh my, i feel humbled and honored at the same time. thank you.

there's definitely something circular/cyclical about life and i love the idea of hearing while we're in a coma. yes, i believe those are valuable words to consider.

claire - "going toward an encounter with the Divine" - so beautiful and it makes me think again about the circular thing... in anyway, i'm not sure our lives can be considered linear even though we try to make them out that way.

i, too, often find more in asking the questions and leaving room for no answers.

thank you both for your thoughtful responses!! xoxo

roxanne s. sukhan said...

A deep and thoughtful post. I like the notion of an encounter with the divine. Empowerment, yes, indeed I've felt it. It's somewhat nebulous, diffuse, un-name-able.

For me self-discovery has come around in the form old self dying to new self. Tragedy needs no invitation, permission or allowance from me to work in my life's midst.

Dianna Woolley said...

I believe the "little girl's arms" in your collage is what you do - welcome, embrace, trust!


Kayce aka lucy said...

tinkerbell - would it make sense that the old self (false self) tries to suck the life out of the true self (which turns into new self when rediscovered)? hope that's not too confusing, but it's somehow making sense to me right now.

and "tragedy" is often my greatest catalyst for new life!

Kayce aka lucy said...

SS - yes... welcome, embrace, trust. i love it!!! xoxoxo