Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Quiet Voice of Wisdom

The season of Lent begins today with Ash Wednesday. Words like surrender, sabbath, and begin again greet me with the journey. Step by step I inquire where I'm going. Today happens to be a day with a bit more spaciousness surrounding me. While I have lots to do, I don't have any "official" meetings scheduled so I am able to slow down and listen more deeply. For some reason a great scene from the book Eat, Pray, Love keeps coming to my mind. (btw - the scene is in the movie, but doesn't do the book justice) In the passage, Elizabeth Gilbert has her first intentional meeting with God. As she waits for wisdom in a time of crisis, she hears the simple words, "Go back to bed, Liz." This scene is so profound for me, because that is how I often experience the still small voice of wisdom.

Today's quiet has offered direction moment by moment: read this, write that, shower now, rest, fix dinner, sit, rest, and so on. When asked a question offered by Abbey of the Arts, these words arose:

What is the grace I am seeking this Holy season?

Surrender to the voices of Sabbath.
Let the timelessness was over you.
Trust. Laugh. Love more.
Rest and restore.

What is your still small voice inviting today? What grace are you seeking this season?


Maureen said...

Lovely post and a beautiful response to Christine's question.

I wrote yesterday a Prayer for Ash Wednesday that will post this afternoon.

Abbey of the Arts said...

Beautiful! Makes my body go ahhhhhhh. :-) xoxo

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks maureen & christine!!

claire bangasser said...

Yes, it is a beautiful answer to Christine's question.

I find that the small voice of Godde does indeed come through with a brief 'order', for lack of better word.

For this Lent season, I hear:
walk to me fearlessly.


Susan Carpenter Sims said...

I love your very poetic statement of your Lenten seeking. The grace I'm seeking is hard to articulate. (Thanks for making me think about it!) It's not quite "simplicity," more like nonattachment to the nonessential, although that's not a very eloquent way to put it. A lightness of being that comes from releasing attachment to material things.

Kayce aka lucy said...

claire - "walk to me fearlessly" = WOW! that's quite a lenten calling and i have no doubt you're the one to do it!! xo

Kayce aka lucy said...

polli - i think "nonattachment to the nonessential" describes it quite well. and, i like it alot!!! xo

Edith said...

I love how your day reflected how you were open and present to the Presence. This is exactly what I am trying to stay with throughout this Lenten season.

Kayce aka lucy said...

welcome, edith. so glad you stopped by. it's a pleasure to share this experience with you.