Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robin's Song

I awoke feeling a little restless today. Kind of excited and a bit overwhelmed. That’s what sometimes happens when life presents so many full possibilities – ranging from new creative adventures to curling up with my Lenten readings.

While sitting at my desk just now, I caught sight of a glorious robin sitting at the tip top of a barren tree. She takes my breath away as I hear her song across the rumble of a school bus and the music playing gently in the background of my room. Her wings flap and I see the brilliant orange of her chest. Ahhh. Breathe. One. Two. Three. Four. I am here now.

A friend wrote me last week about a robin that’s been banging on her window whenever she tries to sleep or read in her room. My friend was not quite as enamored with her robin and was considering homicide (due to sleep deprivation). I encouraged her to not shoot the bird as it might be a sign of new growth in her life.

When I revisited Animal Speak this morning these words for robin showed up:

“The song of the robin is a cheery, rolling trill. Part of its purpose is to help the robin establish territory… This is very significant when robin shows up in your life… it reflects a need to sing your own song forth if you wish for new growth. Any confrontations or hindrances are more show than actual threats, so go forward.”

Oh my, there’s the call of the fierce warrior yet again. Breathe. One. Two. Three. Four. I am here now.

Where are you being called to sing your own song? Can you offer it with a cheery rolling, trill like the robin?

© robin's song 3.29.11


claire bangasser said...

I am delighted a robin sings in your life, lucy. It heralds spring. What sort of spring do you think it is? professional, spiritual, relational?

I do not see many birds where I live and when I see them they are sea birds.

I am not sure what my spring is bringing. I just expect it will be lovely.

Thank you for a lovely post.

Kayce aka lucy said...

great question, claire - i think it feels like all of them tucked in the nest together :)

peace to you.

Susan Carpenter Sims said...

I love that you've been given this confirmation of your fierce warrior in the form of a sweet robin!

This theme of singing out has been coming up around me a lot lately. I have been feeling like I'm being called to sing in the midst of danger, not always an easy thing to do - or to even REMEMBER to do.

Kayce aka lucy said...

wow, polli - singing in the midst of danger - now that's a fierce warrior!!