Monday, February 26, 2007

Boys and Bears

"We live our deepest soul's desires not by intending to change who we are but by intending to be who we are." -- from The Dance by Oriah

Angry, scared young men raging at the world.
Pain held deep inside.
Fists of steel swing toward connection.
Seeking emotion long ago hidden.
Rage wrapped tight in silence.

Confusion and fear plague the young faces.
Voices speak, “Get the F away!” and
“Please don’t leave.”
Slowly shifting, hands reach out and hugs hold tight.
Determination reigns.

Child and Man merge into one.
Hand in hand—reaching, fighting, touching, holding—
Fists that push and punch, open to embrace.
Their world softens, gentle as a teddy bear.
Little boy. Brilliant man. Mighty warrior. Heroes All.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Kayce, seeing that photo makes me think of my dear husband who spend all of his days with teen boys. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you, christine & blessings to your husband. teenagers try so hard to put on a tough exterior when deep inside they are just like the rest of us--seeking connection. it was beautiful to watch these young men shift from unsureness to laughing with delight--glowing, in fact--dancing and hugging their bears!