Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Simplicity of Paradox

How do simple words contain such complex meaning? My last two posts (unplanned, by the way) have been entirely about the paradox of simplicity. A twenty-five word post reveals both the simplicity and complexity involved in actually living out the “simple” words. In another post, an “ordinary” day moves into the extraordinary. Simple? Yes. And, there is absolutely nothing simple at all about it. Paradox. Small things becoming larger than life. Ground, cold and barren, suddenly sprouting new life. Sun shining brighter than normal.

This is a simple post about the complexity that is percolating in my mind. Words of waiting, new breath and spirit permeate my waking and sleeping hours. I have thoughts and ideas about what they are telling me and just when I begin to write, another image appears and the idea morphs into a new one. So, for now, I will wait.

Will you consider waiting with me? I’d love to know what images these "simple" words (waiting, breath, spirit) stir in you.


Rich Sclafani said...

what a wonderfully extra-ordinary day! thanks for sharing it! i feel rested just thinking of it.

Rich Sclafani said...

hey k,

so what comes to my mind with two of these words [breathe & spirit] is a video by Rob Bell [who does the nooma's] it's his newest one called "Breathe" and it is awesome. It talks about how the word breathe and spirit are often the same word translated differently and how in a way the way we breathe is actualy saying the name of God. It talks about how we often don't spend time recognizing our breathing because we are so busy, and yet it is our breath - something so simple yet so important to life - that is worship. Anyways, don't want to tell you the whole thing, but it's worth seeing. www.nooma.com Take care my friend. I'm looking forward to our time tomorrow!

Kayce aka lucy said...

hey rich--
thank you for the great sharing. i had actually been kicking around the connection between breath and spirit (see new post). i tried to listen to "breathe" but don't have the right program to run it. do you actually have the copy or have you just listened to the preview? i'd love to hear/see it!!
blessings until tomorrow :-) k