Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Perfect Valentine

It's absolutely wonderful to be married to a man who "gets" me! This is the quote that came on my perfect Valentine card:

Then a great peace came over me...
and I seemed to hear the pines and the wind
and the rocky shores say to me, "You...lover of the wild, are part of us..."
---by Sigurd F. Olson

I love you, Wheatboy!


Anonymous said...

A little red-faced but flattered looking at your blog this
afternoon.....saying I "get" you is giving me a lot of credit...thanks


Anonymous said...

Sigurd F. Olson was a sage. He is one of my most admired, most listened to people. So good to see his name somewhere else and folks "getting" him.
Peace to you

Kayce aka lucy said...

antony-- thanks for the words on Olson. it helps make some sense of why each time i see his words, they resonate deeply within me.

blessings and peace!