Friday, March 16, 2007


“When the wind stops, the trees still move, the way my heart creaks long after it bends.” --Mark Nepo

Compassion is a word that has been entering my vocabulary and thoughts on multiple levels these days. How do we find it and give it (not just to others, but) to ourselves? Our feelings are like the ripples of the wind. The effect of the emotion lasts long after the event stops whether we realize it or not.

Tess’ “Unguarded Thoughts” highlighted this as she speaks of thoughts that pop out when we don’t even understand from where they may be coming. I wonder if they are the ripple of events gone by. So, again the question: how do we flow with the ripple and find compassion for ourselves?

My dreams lately have been filled with water. Water covering the streets. Water overflowing from the shower. Water surrounding land as if it is an island. The thought I have been pondering is how we quickly want our emotions to be washed away. If we stop to feel them at all, we hurriedly move on to the next thing as we let the emotion slip down the drain. (We don’t take time to be joyous or feel pain deeply.) It is here that I have the image of our emotions running into the sewer and becoming part of the muck and mire—festering and turning into a stinky, rancid mess—waiting to be dredged up. Yuck!

What if rather than pushing the emotions down the drain, we put the stopper in the sink and the covers over the manholes? What if we allowed ourselves to be washed with emotion thus being cleansed at the same time? What if we chose to dance in the rain rather than put up our umbrellas? What if we “experienced” rather than “stuffed?” The water could then take its natural course to the sea rather than man’s forced journey through the darkness of tunnels.

So today I say, let the water flood the streets. Let the shower spray everywhere. There are plenty of towels to soak up the excess. Have compassion for Me. My dreams are telling me to sink into the emotion and feel it, so then it can follow its natural course. I can be washed clean. God of the heavens and earth, the Creator of the trees and the wind, the lover of my heart is with me. Compassion abounds if only I will choose to sprinkle a little on myself.

photo by Mary Jane Hughlett circa 1962


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Anonymous said...

Lucy, this reminds me of a retreat weekend I once attended built around the writing of Meister Eckhart.

A tremendous community and compassion for each other built up during the weekend, and one person was moved to try and describe this feeling of compassion. She also described ripples - but ripples of fire, being caressed and cleansed by the warmth of flame. I'm so struck by the similarities with what you describe and the elemental cleansing.

And the title sequence from the movie "Singin' in the Rain" must be one of my all-time faves!

Kayce aka lucy said...

tess--i love the images of ripples of fire, too. it reminds me of your poem about the phoenix. so many connections throughout the universe!

i think i need to rent 'singin' in the rain'. that is another image that has continually showed up in my thoughts and dreams!


Anonymous said...

You are a BEAUTFUL writer!!! What a beautiful blog you have. I loved the
picture associated with your message today. You really should write a book.

I find it so wonderful and incredible how we are all linked together. A lot
of what you wrote about in your blog this morning is what I was writing
about in my journal. I was wondering why I divert my attention from how I am
feeling; don't dare to dream and why I am so hard on myself. Yet, I can
focus quite easily on others and worry about how they are feeling and what
they are thinking. Yes indeed, it seems so much easier to have compassion
for others and not ourselves. Aren't humans just the most interesting

See you next week -- Right???

Send you love, light and some sunshine to go along with the rain!

Shelby Duckworth III

Anonymous said...

hi lucy, I love the photo of you, so magical. I wanted to comment on your most recent post, but didn't see the comment link. I just wanted to say how glad I was that the prayer touched you in a meaningful way and what a gift it was to have you participate in the Awakening program. I am blessed to have the chance to know you better. Blessings, Christine

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you, christine. you have provided inspiration to me in so many ways. i am sad to realize the Awakening program is over but know that i will continue to be in contact with you!

i agree that the photo is magical, but it is actually my sister-in-law and not me. fyi--it was taken in the belgian congo, africa.