Thursday, March 08, 2007


Be present to others and yourself.
In that way you honor Me.

photo by bill hughlett


Anonymous said...

Again....I love the writings AND the photography. The "hands" today are beautiful. Can't recapture my words of this a.m. except blog is beautiful. Your thoughts, for me, are read as heartfelt, sincere, and poetic. I assume you are sending some of these thoughts off for publication somewhere. In the words of this great "art agent", you have to be seen a LOT of places before people take your work seriously. So, seriously pursue.

Am eager to know the basic facts via email re the offspring and their disposition these days.

I am most of all glad to find you at home. Come see us. Love, djune

Kayce aka lucy said...

thanks for the encouragement, djune.

any thoughts for publication are welcome...either pieces you particularly like or publications you recommend or both :-)

look forward to you moving from the "anonymous" category. love, k