Monday, September 10, 2007

Creative Challenge

Christine at Abbey of the Arts has a way of getting my creative juices flowing. This time it is through a challenge issued by Magpie Girl. The assignment is to take a photo and alter it. Mine took on the form of a collage. I began my thinking too much and planning it out...the results are in an unfinished crumple on my desk. Then I just started ripping away at a couple of magazines. (I gave myself a short time limit and let the images find me.)

My creative time allotment for today is nearing an end, so I can't spend as much time with this image as I would like, but I have a feeling it has lots to say to me. I'd love to know what you see. And if you're up to it...take the challenge here.

collage by lucy


Anonymous said...

To me, it's as if the eye is weeping roses. And I like that the "you have the key" text is little - you have to look for it.

Shelby said...

it's a creative kinda day..

Anonymous said...

I love that you did this spontaneously, without overthinking it. This feels like a very empowering collage with its statement about your possession of the key to truth. I like the tension between the bright light on the left and the closed eye on the right.