Wednesday, September 12, 2007

floating through this life

"as hawks rest upon air
and air sustains them,
so would I learn to attain
freefall, and float
into Creative Spirits deep embrace."
--Denise Levertov (found in "Praying with the Elements)

God is a process. Hmmm. Not sure from where those words popped out, but I think I'll let them stay. Yesterday's quote spoke of being a work of art in process. Recently, images of floating feathers have been appearing to me with some frequency. I did not notice that until I wrote a new pantoum while working with my collage. I realized that my previous pantoum also had the line "floating through this life" in it. There is also a very small feather in the collage. Hmmm. Well, I think I will stop here for now as there seems to be more pondering to do.

gratitude. grace. falling in love.
can you look or will you close your eyes & weep
for grace & compassion
a blanket of roses and deep green slumber

can you look or will you close your eyes & weep
falling. running. floating. splashing.
a blanket of roses and deep green slumber
the rose of conviction

falling. running. floating. splashing.
floating through this life.
the rose of conviction
gratitude. grace. falling in love.

photo by bill


Abbey of the Arts said...

Beautiful poem and I love the photo (can't wait to meet the photograper!) I especially like the image of "deep green slumber." Thanks for the links too dear friend!

Sunrise Sister said...

End of day and I'm off to sleep now. When I read your posts at night they always send me off with nice thoughts and a smile to accompany my prayers. Sweet dreams!

Tia said...

Maybe this is a little cheesey, but I'll share it anyway...Floating feathers, and all I can think of is Forrest Gump and the piano song that plays as the feather floats around him...hmmm, chocolates anyone? Nothing so profound, but a comment on your blog nonetheless! Loves from me!

Shelby said...

Grace.. where would I be without it... lovely post.

lucy said...

thank you, ladies.

tia, it is not "cheesy" at all that you mention forrest gump for his feather is one of the images that continues to stay with me :-)

so, glad to have you here!!!