Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Morning Gibberish

Ever have those days where too much is rolling around in your brain and nothing coherent will pop out? Last Monday I was filled with excitement over the wonderful weekend spent away with my sister and her husband as well as the wonder of entering the season of advent. I had posts just waiting to fill the pages. And then, the floods came. So here it is Monday again and even more stories fill my brain, but nothing wants to materialize in any recognizable format other than gibberish.

The odd thing about today is that I am not particularly rushed. My schedule is reasonably clear for the day...the week even (and I hesitate to even write that with concern that a disaster may appear without notice...always a possibility), so I have time to write. I have journaled pages and pages already this morning. I have spent quiet time with centering prayer. I even lit my new candle from Zena Moon, "a candle for writing." I have done a little word study on my name(s): both given and nicknamed. The sun is shining. My dog has been fed. My daughter is at school & my husband at work. The house is quiet except for the sounds of the garbage trucks outside.

So, my friends, what you are reading here is a bit of a brain dump. It is with the hope that at some point in time I can write the words that really want to come. Those stubborn thoughts that swirl and twirl throughout my brain like a feather floating on the wind. I jump to grab them, but they slip through my fingers. Maybe I am trying too hard. Maybe there is too much to say. Maybe I just need to be still awhile longer. Maybe I just need to wait. Hmmm...isn't waiting what Advent is all about?

katrina photo from here


Abbey of the Arts said...

"Ever have those days where too much is rolling around in your brain and nothing coherent will pop out?" -- ALL THE TIME! :-)

So glad there is breathing space for you this week and even a play date together on the horizon! I see you did have enough coherence to write a beautiful poem for the Poetry Party this morning. I love that it was filled with questions, these two really moved me:

do they weep for their veiled dreams?


might their eyes be washed clear by my tears?

That is exactly the heart of the work I am doing right now.

Thanks dear friend.

Kayce aka lucy said...

thank you, christine for your insight and sounds like we may be doing some "crossover" work...your artwork is very powerful indeed!

Dianna Woolley said...

Let's hear it for the mind dumping....absolutely necessary. As I continue to put in my last days of paid employment prior to retirement, I find the joy of just that - mind dumping. Dumping everything imaginable into someone else's files and someone else's responsibility. Yeah, I repeat, let's hear for the mind dumping!

Kayce aka lucy said...

sunrise sis--yep! definitely thought of the "mind sieve" when i wrote this one. glad you are finding such joy in doing the mind dump!

storyteller said...

Lucy - I wondered about the photo as I read your "mind dump" this morning ... thinking it was a perfect image for your swirling thoughts. I've not done as much journal writing lately and need to get back to my regular habit instead of turning on the computer. With more posts from you to read (in Google Reader it looks like 3 more), I guess I'll leave it at that for now.
Hugs and blessings,