Saturday, January 05, 2008


The journey toward wholeness is never complete, but still we reach and yearn and move toward and through it. Gradations. Variations. Two steps forward and one step back—for we are always changing. As Jung says, 'if two meet and connect, there is a reaction and we are transformed.' (Paraphrased--see direct quote here.)

Morphing like the Animorphs books my son read as a child. Our nature may feel like that of a butterfly—a miracle born of the cocoon. Or a bird on the wing lifting and floating through the air. At other times, we may feel like the snake on the ground with no arms or legs to move us, tasting only dirt within our teeth.

The butterfly breaks free from its cocoon. Birds molt. Snakes shed their skin. Yet at no time do they cease to be insect or bird or snake. They simply morph into what they already are—journeying toward their completeness.

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Robbie said...

Amen. Beautifully said.

Sue said...

Yes. Hooray.

And what a beautiful accompanying pic.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I love the whole concept of Transformation, growing into our own, returning to what was already there, already present, ready to be discovered. As with the butterfly, bird and snake shedding our 'exterior' and discovering the beauty underneath that was there all along. I find that comforting. Love, Pamela

Kayce aka lucy said...

hush--welcome to this space.

sue--hooray & thank you.

pamela--i have missed your words, so glad to see you here today!

storyteller said...

Yes yes yes -- Morphing and transformation ... shedding that which once protected but is no longer needed to reveal what lies beneath at the center ... the core ... discovering it's all perfect and awesomely wonderfully creative and free.
Hugs and blessings,

His Girl Friday said...

I too am interested in the concept of transformation/the concept of wholeness, but my other half who is sitting next to me at the moment and also read your excellent post, would ask 'what exactly is wholeness, complete-ness?'
Well, I couldn't answer, other than it begins perhaps with thoughts of Maslow's concept of self-actualization/trancendancy that deals with needs being met; then there's the concept of reaching 100% of our potential, but What Is Our Potential? And how does that correlate with becoming trancendant?
so, back to...what is wholeness?, what is it exactly that you, (you-plural, as in "ya'll" :)) mean?

Kayce aka lucy said...

HGF--great questions!! i'm not sure if i "exactly" have an answer, but today's post might help. check it out here:

i love when we can all wrestle with this stuff together...maybe that way we can get closer to some answers, or at least have some fun and conversation along the way!