Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a sign perhaps?

At the crossroads,
where one could go either direction;
she chose the road less traveled
and that made all the difference.
It might have been easier
to take a conventional path
of relative safety and comfort;
of predictability and routine.
But she wanted to fly to the far edges of things,
to venture beyond the horizon
where adventures beckoned,
curious and irresistible,
shaped by constant change.
No set boundaries
for this small town girl,
always longing for excitement
and new discoveries.
Even if the road proved bumpy and long,
pearls of wisdom produced along the way:
unexpected blessings.

© Tara Bradford @ paris parfait

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paris parfait said...

I am so glad this poem "spoke" to you, Lucy! I look forward to seeing you in Paris! And your collage is great!

Kate I said...

Love your collage Lucy! Thanks so much for your kind words today on my blog about my art journal.

Sue said...

Awww! I love this collage and I love Paris Parfait's words.

This is so sweet, I feel all mushy :)