Thursday, August 14, 2008


Oh, I really want to write a post today and tell you all that has been muddling around in my brain these days, but I feel a bit rushed with a soccer tournament in an hour and weekend company on the way. Alas, this post is more a reminder to myself so I will come back to these thoughts soon. So here are a few:

• the relationship between being rooted and dancing
• considering what it looks like to explore God outside of traditional Christian boundaries
• the intention of the heart. what happens when we seek God wholeheartedly?
• listening to the “niggles” of our gut
• what does the “narrow path” really mean?
• what if God is love, period?
• the both/and of life. paradox.

I hope you will choose to think alongside me. Cheers!


Ted Marshall said...

Oh you tease! Looking forward to your exploration of these thoughts.
The relationship between being rooted and dancing made me think immediately of the leaves of trees, dancing in the breeze.

Dianna Woolley said...

Well, I'll have to get our paper and pen for this lofty list as my mind began darting as soon as I read it! Looking forward to the expansion of subjects:)


Dianna Woolley said...

....also, I like the approach to the moongate photo from the side angle - makes it very interesting to see only partially what the gate has to offer beyond its entrance. The fact that it is shaded makes me think of the lure of entering into a softly lit, cool atmosphere ahead. Very thought provoking shot:)


Barbara said...

Mindtickling topics all! The contrast between being rooted and dancing reminds me of the Benedictine paradox of stability vs constant conversion or the sufis who, while dancing, connect to the earth. And that's just the first one. I am anxious to see what you come up with, lucy.

l.b. said...

niggle listening ... this peaks my interest ...

Kayce aka lucy said...

stay tuned, ladies...thanks so much for feeding my fire :-)