Saturday, August 16, 2008

rooted in dance?

This morning I am catching a few brief moments to jot down some thoughts from my recent list. Even as my feet are tired from an unplanned long walk in not the best shoes ☺, I turn to the topic of roots and dance.

When I think of being rooted and dancing, I have little movies that seem to run across my mind. I recall the first time I placed my head onto the ground resembling a Muslim form of worship. It was during a class on creativity and I did not recognize it as worship at the time, but there was something akin to an electrical charge that went through my body and I felt like I could stay in that position forever. I remember thinking at the time that I could see why part of Muslim prayer is to place the forehead onto the ground. This movement has carried over with me as I have become more active in my yoga practice (i.e. attending classes a little more regularly). Whenever I have the opportunity to go into “child’s pose” (see photo) I always noticeably relax. I have considered whether or not this is just a relief from the more strenuous poses and I imagine that is a bit of it. However, there is something innate in me that feels the groundedness and connection with the earth, with God, with life when I am in this position. Hmmmmm.

But on with the movie…I see trees swaying in the wind as Tess suggested in her comment to this post. I am reminded of a woman in the park I saw the other day. She was standing very still next to a huge tree. I did not want to stop and stare but I cannot get this image out of my head. It was like she and the tree were one. I sensed a gentle swaying in her alongside the mammoth oak. It was as if they were dancing and praying together even though their movement was almost unrecognizable. They were both grounded and dancing.

Shortly after I wrote this post, I was sent an e-mail that spoke of the root chakra. When I did a little research I found many more interesting connections between this “root” and dancing. This little piece really resonated with me:

“Dancing is very good for grounding. In the summer, go barefoot. House cleaning and cooking is also grounding. Hug a tree, take care of your plants.”

In my NIA (no impact aerobics) class, we are advised to do the class without shoes because this provides us a greater ability to feel the earth (or in this case the gym floor), which again enhances that sense of being grounded. My favorite little vignette in this current movie happened the other day near the end of class when we were able to move with our own rhythm throughout the room. For a few brief moments, I felt very beautiful and light and flowing (as opposed to the often clunky and cumbersome feelings when trying to follow the graceful teacher ☺). It was as if I were floating just above the ground. I was truly dancing to the rhythm of my own soul and, paradoxically, even in this ‘floating’ there was the strong sense of connection to everything. Grounded, methinks.

Many many more thoughts come to mind as I think of dancing and being grounded, but alas the day calls me to move forward for now. It is a glorious day with much to look forward. So, for now I will pause with these questions. Where are the places you feel most grounded? When are the times you want to dance? Do the two hold any connection for you?


Anonymous said...

I am currently re-learning tai chi. I don't know why I stopped doing it - because to practice tai chi is little like magic in how it makes you feel. I can feel the energy in my body flowing - and yet my feet are grounded. Power from grounded legs doesn't leave me standing solid however, but fluid, which is expressed in how my body moves. I'm rereading the book that originally introduced me to tai chi - I think you might like to take a look at it.

Check the video from the opening ceremony of the Olympics - it is indeed what someone commented "goosebumpy" and demonstrates the grounded and the flowing.

Sue said...

Lovely post!! Where do I feel most grounded and most wanting to dance? Well, literally, when I'm grounded, to the earth, barefoot, in nature. Definitely. And also creatively, when I am immersing myself in my own creativity - and therefore within my own body.

This post renews my desire to (a) do some yoga and (b) to do some chakra breathing work. It was most interesting, when I started doing this type of thing, to note how my root chakra began strengthening somewhat, and how I began desiring licorice. And the two are completely related. It's very strange :)

Kel said...

i feel most grounded onsite at Anamrae, surrounded by natural views of lake and mountains, and living breathing native animals
i most want to dance in the big light filled livingroom as it unfolds its character with each hammer strike and brush stroke

Ted Marshall said...

I feel most grounded in woods and forests. Dancing? I'm not sure if there's a connection, mostly music is what makes me want to dance. But I feel that I - whatever makes me myself - am in some kind of joyous movement when in among the trees, even though I am not physically dancing and have not (yet) felt any desire to dance physically on my woodland walks.

hmmbrd said...

the other day my yoga teacher spoke of childs pose as a grounding pose. she also said tilting the pelvic floor in balance poses allowed the upper body to be free to move and reach freely for the sky. it seems you must be rooted in the earth to safely experience dance and movement in the air!

Anonymous said...

Lucy!!! I thought of your post this morning doing my morning readings from 'A Course in Miracles' here at my beloved spot at Lake Texoma:
"We wait with only one goal: to hear His Voice speaking to us of what we are, and revealing Himself to us. In these times of quiet, this is what we are listening for: an awareness of the purity and perfection of our own being as He created us, and an awareness of His Love, His tender care for us, and His peace that He shares with us in these peaceful moments.
How can we hear a message without words? What we listen for is the song of love, eternally sung, forever thrumming its harmony throughout the universe. It is a song we hear wisps of in the eyes of our beloved, in the laughter of children, in the loyalty of a pet, in the expanse of a peaceful lake or the stately flowing of a river, and in the wonder of a well-told fairy tale. It is the song to which our hearts resonate, showing their true nature. It is our eternity calling us to dance. It is the Father sharing His Love with His (Daughter) Son."
I know that you are grounded in hearing this 'message without words'. I think that this is what is calling you to dance!! Love, Pamela

Kayce aka lucy said...

"difference"--in NIA they use many different forms of martial arts and other movements, tai chi being one. last week it was an integral part of the class and i loved the feeling you speak of--being grounded while experiencing that fluid movement. i would love to know the name of the book you are reading :-)

sue--licorice & the root chakra, huh? i'd love to know more!

kel--what a lovely description. it made me want to do a little dance even while reading it :-)

tess--there is definitely something magical about being in the midst of magnificent swaying trees. i loved that you added that little "yet" into your comment. keep me posted.

hummingbird--yoga rocks!

pamela--thank you so much for sharing those lovely images with me. yes, i do believe i can hear them saying, "may i have this dance, my dear?" and, yes, that beloved texoma holds a very special place in my heart too!!!

i absolutely love sharing this dance with each and every one of you!! thanks for taking the time to comment!!!

Dianna Woolley said...

Barefoot in my own backyard is a very peaceful feeling - I'm not sure if "grounded" would be the exact description of that feeling.....

Sharing moments, events, celebrations, worship with those that I love comes the closest to my feeling the word grounded.


Sue said...

LIcorice and the root chakra? Well, I just started getting this urge to eat it when I first began practising chakra work. Later on a few weeks down the track, read something which linked licorice and root vegetables (another thing I haven't been able to get enough of) with the root chakra. How coincidental :)

I love these natural body cravings that go on. This weekend I have been craving sesame seeds roasted in tamari. Realised today that they are full of zinc, which is something the body requires more of when you have a cold.

Ingenious, this body :)