Sunday, December 28, 2008

Four Calling Birds

There is much bubbling and brewing going on here at “Diamonds”. It has been (and continues to be) a glorious Christmas season. The blanket of snow that covered our city the week leading up to Christmas Day proved to be a beautiful and wonderful gift to me. It allowed for much slowing down and a peacefulness to settle over my soul.

I say it ‘continues to be’ a glorious season, because even though the snow has melted, I am allowing the quiet to continue to envelop me as I luxuriate in the blessings of God with Us which has readings through January 6 or Epiphany. Not coming from a tradition that celebrates The Twelve Days of Christmas, this is a new experience for me to not sit down on December 26, collapse with exhaustion and say, “Phew! I am so glad Christmas is over!!!” I still feel in the thick of it, so to speak, and have truly relished the whole season while keeping it incredibly simple.

Today, this Fourth day of Christmas, my mind goes to the traditional song and I think of the four calling birds that were gifted on this day. (Is the song running through your head now?) During my quiet time today, I began to synthesize some of the bubblings of the last days, weeks and months in anticipation of what I see ahead in the New Year. The “calling birds” seem to be speaking somewhere along these lines:

1) Making my own way
2) Taking my professional expertise to the next level
3) Working on relationships
4) Sharing my voice (more) with the world.

As far as I can tell, “making my own way” means developing my own unique practices out of the gifts I have been gathering along the way. And in that regard, dear readers, I call upon you for input ☺. I would love to know what keeps you coming back here to read. What are the gifts that you receive or notice here? (I hope there are some ☺!!!) I, naturally, have a few ideas, but your help in my discernment would mean a great deal to me!

It is my strong sense that the topic of these calling birds will continue throughout the coming weeks. I hope you will join me in sharing the adventure. I sign off today with these two questions: What keeps you coming back to visit here? What are the “birds” that may be calling to you as we enter a new year?

Peace and blessings on this 4th day of Christmas!!!

p.s. You can visit the three french hens here.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for the wondrous words and images you've offered this year. I've especially enjoyed your wintry scenes & reflections. Thank you also for inviting us to linger with Christmas as it continues to unfold over the coming days. It's a particular blessing for those of us who were swamped during Advent and are savoring these post-December 25 days! A blessed new year to you and all whom you love.

Kate I said...

I've been aware of the message of the calling birds for awhile now and this week I plan to take the time to sit and listen as they sing their song to me. This week is for me to welcome, within myself, the upcoming year.

And I keep coming back here because you feed the soul dear Lucy!

Barbara said...

I keep coming back to "Diamonds" because of the delightfully creative way you have of turning a topic inside out to have a thorough and constructive look at it. I leave with a very pleasant disturbance to ponder. I also love your openness to and enjoyment of life. Peace and blessings back at you, Lucy!

Anonymous said...

lucy, I love your post because I resonate so much with the space you are in and delight in it with you. I come back to Diamonds because you are a delight in person and in writing, a perfect combination of playfulness and depth. xoxoxo C

lucy said...

jan--it was such a gift to see your name in my inbox :-) thank you for stopping by and i am delighted to know that you come by now and then. i hope you will linger a little longer there. blessings to you & yours!

kate--i will be thinking of you this week as you listen to the call. i love the idea of welcoming the upcoming year...that feels like what i am doing too!

thank you for your kind words. i am glad that i am able to drop a few bread crumbs here and there to "feed the soul." peace.

barbara, i know i can always count on you to give me just what i was asking for without even knowing what it was. i love your words and may actually use them for "promotional purposes" should i ever get the opportunity :-)

i greatly appreciate your wisdom and insight! here's to continuing our journey in 2009!!!

lucy said...

C--i am truly delighted to have you along on this journey!!! you are an amazing inspiration to me :-) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Why do I come back? Because I like you? (even if I've never met you) Is that an answer? I like what you have to say. I like your openness and willingness to share..of yourself.

I wish I were better able to communicate why I come are one of the blogs I check daily. I just like what I find, or I wouldn't.

It is probably just - YOU - is why. I think we recognize on some unconscious level someone who is just talking at us and someone who is truly sharing of themselves. When someone shares of themselves, whoever that is, it is enriching - and worth visiting often.

Unknown said...

You know what is amazing is your posts; that's why I keep coming back; your blog is soulful, fulfilling and amazing and your writing and sharing of your soul is marvellous. I thank you and I will continue to keep coming back!


Karen said...

Why do I keep coming back? Mostly because you're a really good writer. It's more than that though--you're a DEEP writer. There's nothing frivolous about your blog. You ask tough questions--of yourself and others--and you stay with it, digging and digging. Sometimes, it can be tough to read your blog, just in the sense that it provokes intense reflection. It can be painful, doing that digging.

But it's always worthwhile.

I gain from your insights, and I gain from the insights that you pull out of me.

That's why I keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love a woman with a plan of action! Birds are a huge theme/symbol for me as well.

hmmbrd said...

There is a consistency to your authenticity and vulnerability that is amazing to me, and it is somehow mixed with wiggle room for change and adventure. This is so anchoring and inspiring. You are who you are and allow us to join you there. Thank you! OH, and you blog is colorful and fun, like you!

Dianna Woolley said...

I keep coming back because you write with clarity and spirit, longing, self-awareness. I enjoy being able to share in your searching for what is real and important in life. Your writing gives me impetus to reflect more on my own writing, life, challenges and goals. I delight in your successes and ache when an occasion of self-doubt emerges - but that self-doubt never leaves me in despair for you as I know we all have those moments and if we never see them then we never grow out of the occasional darkness.....and that's what I know about returning to your site Lucy:) It makes me happy to be here!


His Girl Friday said...

Hi Lucy,
I love your creativity and discernment.

Four calling birds:
-the reminder of unconditional love & acceptance(the reassurance that we have God's love; that we are valued)

lucy said...

i am so grateful for each and everyone of you! happy new year and i hope you will keep enjoying lucy throughout 2009 :-)