Wednesday, December 31, 2008

reaching for solitude...

garbage trucks rumbling. therapy fan humming. utensils clinking. sigor ros strumming. where is the quiet? starting the day at a run. restless nights. Tylenol p.m. offering me sleep and then carrying me into mid-morning. phone ringing. husband puttering. cleaning people coming. I need to go. bath running. meeting waiting. candle burning. solitude calling.

this is not how I want to begin a day…or end a year. but this is what I have. this moment right now. music climaxing. gentle now. God is here. here with me in my little corner. my old blue chair. breathe. you can have this moment. carry it into the day. be still and know that I am God. ahhh. awe. beautiful. blessed.

it only takes a moment to breathe. to be quiet. to be still. my bath beckons. my friend awaits. 2009 here soon.

photo by lucy 12.18.08


Anonymous said...

"...this is what I have. this moment right now.

Yes. And "breathe" is always the best way forward.

Peace to you.

A from Minnesota

Dianna Woolley said...

My blessed moment this a.m. was stumbling into a John Baillie prayer that seemed to respond to a friend's angst - not something outrageously unfixable or undoable, just something - and there was the little band-aid that I was able to email over.

Thanks for describing so vividly what I go through only occasionally now since retirement and for describing the best band-aid we may be able to give ourselves - the stillness, the breath. You gave me a good reminder.

Barbara said...

There is only now. Please savour it in peace. Happy New Year, Lucy!

Yolanda said...

Hope you have a wonderful 2008

Unknown said...

Oh just to stay in the day in that peacful loving kind of way! thank you for your kindness and for your blog, I have enjoyed all of it this year! Thank you and happy new year!!!

Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

Hi Lucy!

Breathing is good... I always find that a few moments of serenity during the day help me cope with the frantic, madness that can happen the rest of the time.

Have a calm start to the new year - and may God bless you throughout 2009.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to sharing air with you on this beautiful planet of ours this year.

lucy said...

Peace, blessings and happy new year to each and everyone of you! Thanks for sharing the air with me :-)