Sunday, December 21, 2008

musings on a winter day

Snowy Brilliance

Cocooning. Holding. Birthing.

Bringing me new life.


It is like a white cloak of peace and contentment have settled over my neighborhood. The snow continues and I am at rest snuggled warmly inside my cozy house. Looking out the window at the snow covered branches, I think of the new birth that awaits within - the bud of spring wrapped cozily inside the thick branches. How does the new life form within? I ask the same of myself. My advent reading this morning offered this: "As with pregnancy, so with our spiritual lives: the thing anticipated is already forming within us". It must be the same for the new leaves that patiently await bursting forth in spring.

I wonder about birth - about resurrection - the pointing toward Christ and new life. What of the centuries of civilizations and ancient myths that are wrapped around life - death - rebirth? What of the winter of our souls? Wrapped in darkness and often cold? How many will not make it to spring? The branches that will break off in the storm never to sprout fresh again?

I think of my life - my fading beauty. I am past the spring & yes even the summer of my life. How can that be? Where did the time go? I am encouraged, however, as I think of myself as Fall now - ablaze in color of golden and crimson leaves - set apart from mundane shades of green. There is beauty everywhere. My favorite season has always been summer yet even my favorite has its downside. Summer can be so harsh and the hot sun burns the colors to a crisp.

Today, however, I sit wrapped in winter. It is dark and white and I am loving it. The lighting of candles. The warmth of handmade quilts snuggled around me. The chill of my nose and the pink of my cheeks - frosted not burned. Today I think of Mary, mother of Jesus, saying yes to God. I am reminded of my own moments of God-radiance when I have said yes - overpowered by the brilliance of God - like the winter landscape wrapped in white splendor. My heart longs for that brilliance and new birth AND my heart is content. Today I am grateful to be alive with awareness of each moment - each season of life.

What is the season of your life? Do peace and contentment envelop you as Christmas steadily approaches? Or are you harried and worn out waiting for the season to come to an end?

I wish you peace & contentment and your own special warmth!

photos taken this morning & the snow continues! for more "december views", check out lucy creates!!!


Anonymous said...

lucy, I am with you and relishing each moment of this incredible winter beauty. Last night I went to Compline service at St Mark's and wrapped myself in the longest night. I am definitely in the winter season, although feeling just a tinge of sadness today to know that the days begin to get just a little bit longer now. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm rather envying you both this winter wonderland. In the UK it's kind of drudgy and drizzly, not very cold, not very warm, and definitely not at all dramatic.
Just about to set off for 'midnight' mass (which is to take place after Vigil Office at 7.30).

lucy said...

C & Tess--i still hold visions of the three of us together...2009 perhaps? xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Lucy, have you ever read "The Circle of Life. The Heart's Journey Through the Seasons", by Joyce Rupp & Macrina Wiederkehr? Reading this beautiful post of yours, I have a feeling you would love it.

lucy said...

gabrielle--thank you for the recommendation. i have not read it, but am adding it to my ever-growing 2009 list :-) peace.