Monday, December 01, 2008

more purple...

...if the color fits, wear it?!?!??! more purple space here and here.

You Are Having a Violet Day

You are feeling especially connected to the world today.

You are looking to gain a new perspective on life - through deep reflection and introspection.

You are taking the time to appreciate everything the world has to offer, even if you end up spoiling yourself a little.

Today is the kind of day where you demand the best. You want to be as decadent as possible.


Barbara said...

My day is blue, as in
Today is the kind of day that challenges you to the core. You're going to have to stay cool.
You have the intelligence, skills, and drive to rise to the occasion. Your mind is sharp.
While things may be a bit chaotic, you are still taking the time to reflect and be calm.
Today you are extra attractive and interesting to people. You are giving off a detached vibe, which is very intriguing.

And if I keep sitting around my computer all day, I won't get anything done! Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Intriguing how your results keep coming up variations of purple. Seems like that happened to ME about this time last year ... but no matter how many times I take this one, I come up BLUE these days. I'd like it to come up yellow or orange just for variety. Speaking of variety, I'm entering the link for my newest blog on WordPress, just for fun but you know where to find my old ones.
Hugs and blessings,