Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Restrospective

No matter how many times I review the year 2008 and think of all of the things I did, saw, experienced and lived, it will always be The Year I Went to Paris!! On the other end of the spectrum, it will also be remembered as the year my beloved Curry died. My oh my, what a full year! Here are a few of the highlights to help synthesize my own memory ☺. In 2008:

lucy creates!!! was launched.
My trip to Paris was born via another blogger’s Sunday Collection
I took my first official art class @ Pratt Institute – Beginning Collage
Dreaming in French found its way into my nights
More than two dozen books made my completed reading list
Completed the co-authorship & facilitation of The Paradoxical Dance – a workshop for couples
Experienced lots of extraordinary ordinary time
Swam with the dolphins
Played and traveled with my sister
Missed my brother
Lots of Soul Collage
Had my first birth chart reading & later a current cycles reading
Took the Baby Road Trip (1975 miles)
Said good-bye to Curry
Experienced Sabbath with friends
Walked my first labyrinth (& my second)
Went on a Contemplative Yoga and Art Retreat
Was introduced to Photoshop Elements
Walked and walked and walked in the December snow
Enrolled in a Memoir Writing Course for 2009
Bought my own djembe & signed up for drumming lessons (beginning in two weeks)
Birthed a new collaboration for Group Spiritual Direction Supervision
Posted 362 blog entries
Filled half a dozen composition notebooks

Wow! Bring on 2009!!! Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome list for an amazing person. I love the breadth of what you gave your heart to, and I love even more that I got to play a part in some of these. xoxo C

lucy said...

thank you, c. it has been wonderful to journey along with you in 2008 and i know that 2009 has much in store for both of us!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, what a year lady!! I am super impressed. That is a life well lived. Well done!

Anonymous said...

A year indeed, of mostly sweet but some sour! And I was so incredibly happy to have been part of your year during the Paris trip. I've often thought how magical and ironic to see this beautiful city for the first time with a new friend from half-way across the world, when Paris is almost on my doorstep.

Dianna Woolley said...

A wonderful year - let's have another one - BRING IT ON!