Friday, February 06, 2009

blossoms speak

This seems to be the little combo that wanted to be posted today. Who am I to argue?

"Help the world by leaving a trail of who you are."
-- Mark Nepo

"blossoms" collage by lucy 1.31.09


Anonymous said...

drat I think I lost my comment - I hate when that happens!

I want to tell how much I love this piece! The fluttery feel of it - the exuberance it gives!

Wonderful job of collaging!

Barbara said...

Your delightful collage brightens my wintery, snow-covered day!

However, the quote you attached, out of context, sounds a bit like an encouragement for pollution. I am sure that is not what you intended. :)

lucy said...

thanks rebecca. i, too, hate it when that happens!!

barbara--it saddens me to think that you might consider the "trail of who you are" to be rubbish :-)

l.b. said...

oh the bread crumbs you leave behind you, lucy ...

sacred, inspiring, challenging, honest, creative, vibrant, silly, compassionate .........

these crumbs of yours nourish ... yes they do!

Anonymous said...

What a great combination indeed, and I love the quote. What different trails we leave indeed. I'm just taking a break from some more genealogy research, so this is really timely for all those trails I'm chasing down. I wonder if in a couple of hundred years someone will be wondering about my life.

Barbara said...

Perhaps I was being too literal in my reading of the quote, lucy. A superficial reading, indeed, from your and others' responses.
On the other hand, I have always felt drawn to the inscription on Keats' tombstone: Here lies one whose name was writ in water. He left his writing, his intellectual property and little else behind. In a way, I admire that.

lucy said...

laure--thank you for the wonderful is my hope that all of those are tidbits of who i am and what i leave behind

tess--with all of the little trails you are leaving behind, hopefully your ancestors won't have to labor too hard to find you :-)

barbara--a scientist, literal? those are pretty great trails that keats left behind.

always glad to have your perspective!

Les (Endlessly Restless) said...

I'm glad you didn't argue with your combo - it's great. Where does the inspiration come from? It seems to be evading me at the moment!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful paper art...the quote enhances the creative part that is there. Your posts always INSPIRE!!

Thank you!

lucy said...

ER--nice to see you. the inspiration never seems to come from any one place and often surprises even me! it just bubbles around in different forms and then all of a sudden says, here i am. whacky, but true :-)

GM--a love the term "paper art". thank YOU!!

Beth P. said...

Hi Lucy--
Lovely collage for Valentine's Day!

I'd be delighted to interview you--and there's no reason you can't be interviewed by me and by Christine over at the Abbey...!

If you will send me your email, I'll email the questions to you--

My email is
beth(at) virtualteahouse(dot) com

Thanks for stopping by my site, and I do hope you come back often for a visit!

Dianna Woolley said...

Love your bubbly little tree:)


lucy said...

beth p. - i loved the meme, so fun to play with you!!

thanks, SS. blossoms? bubbles? they're all fun :-) xo

Karen said...

Wow--what a gorgeous collage! It makes me feel happy--and I love things that make me feel happy!