Tuesday, February 24, 2009

love this...

God Calling says, "Love this busy life." Not 'enjoy.' Not endure.' Not 'get through or survive'. But, LOVE. "It is a joy filled life."

new post coming soon...promise!


BrettRam said...


That truly IS such a joy-filled God-incidence. After commenting on that post i thought that perhaps my idea was too far "out there." Apparently there really are no mistakes.



lucy said...

glad to see you back, brett. i kind of wonder if that little post of yesterday was just for you :-)

you and i are overdue for a conversation that is not in the virtual sphere!

Brett said...


Yes...we ARE overdue for a real-time chat. Your post did bring me verification of joy's presence. I've heard it said that "the feeling quality of love is joyfulness." I had to sit with that for a long time before i got it. And in that stillness the lines between the 2 seem to melt away.

Lets talk sometime soon.

Love and Joy,