Thursday, February 05, 2009

epiphany of god

“The epiphany of God in time can come to us at any moment, anywhere, whether we are praying or not. It can come at work, on the road, in any situation, because it is a deep and secret movement of the divine spirit within our own, the felt sense of God’s own self-discovery in us.” from Thomas Merton – A Book of Hours

Some days are just like that. God everywhere. Yesterday was one of those days beginning with a brilliant pink sky outside my window and the words of Thomas Merton greeting me in the morning.

Invited to visit a friend at a new yoga class, I opted to hop on my scooter (the first time in many many months) and ride the mile and a half to class. The teacher was welcoming and the space housed in an old school building was both charming and holy at the same time. She led us through gentle yet challenging moves as we focused on our intention of the day.

Back home for a quick bite to eat – the rest of my meal from the night before was the perfect light lunch for this day. Then on my scooter again for the trip downtown to Mars Hill. (My little Vespa makes me very happy and I giggled most of the ride!) While I was fully present to the air touching my skin and the traffic around me, I nearly missed my turn because I was so enjoying the beauty of Puget Sound and the glistening Olympic mountains. Awe!

My time spent with students was the perfect mixture of challenging, rewarding, comfortable and fun. I was glad to see their individual faces after so many weeks away for the mid-winter holiday.

The ride home was chilly and exhilarating. Pooped and ready to chill for a while, my teenage daughter invited me ( ☺ ) to help her begin painting her new bedroom. This move of hers will be a bonus for both of us since it will give us all more privacy and I will have my very own space to do writing and art! (I’ll keep you posted on that transition. I am very excited!) And so, we worked side by side watching steel gray walls transform into a lovely shade of very girly pink. It is wonderful to see her using light colors instead of transforming her space into a dungeon or bordello as often is the style for this age.

Somewhere in there I managed to pull together a dinner of chili and salad for the family and, finally, exhausted and fulfilled, I crawled back into bed, read the Merton words once again and thanked the Universe that “the epiphany of God in time can come to us at any moment”. Yesterday was a day filled with those moments! Gratitude all around.

Wishing you your own special moments with God no matter where you are or what you are doing!!

lucy's photo from hood canal 12.08


Anonymous said...

What a lovely sharing of your day, and I was already smiling, picturing you on the Vespa, when you mentioned giggling away.
Keep us posted on your work/art space. How exciting!

Hope said...

This was lovely to read.

lucy said...

tess--the weather is not quite as cooperative today, but a good vespa ride can keep me smiling for days!!

hope--it was lovely to live :-) thanks for reading!!!

Anonymous said...

Some days are just gifts....

some days the gifts appear,
some days we have to look for them

Barbara said...

Yesterday was a wonderful basketful of epiphanies for me, as well. Alas, Vespas would be suicidal on our wintery, pot-holed streets. Glad you shared your day with us.

lucy said...

Hey "diff" - it makes all the difference in whether or not we keep our eyes open, huh?

barbara- "a basketful of epiphanies".. i love it!!

Karen said...

What a lovely day...I had my own epiphany that night...they are the moments that make the more difficult moments easier to bear...

Unknown said...

What a post, thank you so much for this too...these moments are with me most days, now more than ever, I know it has to do with the idea that I see them and acknowledge them now, whereas before I just didn't I do. Thank you!

Dianna Woolley said...

Great catching up with your days in this post! Enjoy the wind in your hair - don't miss the turns - oh, I couldn't resist that second comment.

Your bookshelf is looking interesting. I've got so many books going at one time - great fun to put them down, take another, and still remember "the scene" when the last, last, other, other, etc. is picked up.


lucy said...

karen--i love the piece you wrote about just "being"...was that your epiphany? it sure sounded like a beautiful one!

gabriella--i shudder to think of all of the amazing moments i have missed (and continue to miss) simply by not being aware. seeing is way more fun!

ss--i knew you'd catch the "near miss", mom :-) and the bookshelf...not sure i can keep up with it myself. so many books, so little time!