Thursday, March 19, 2009

more pondering...

"We are warmed by fire, not by the smoke of fire.

We are carried over the sea by a ship, not by the wake of a ship.

So, too, what we are is to be sought in the invisible depths of our own being,
not in our outward reflection in our own acts."

--Thomas Merton

Smoke or fire? Wake or ship? Focusing on the outer appearances using smoke & mirrors? Or reflecting in the invisible depths? Where do you find yourself today?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these ponderings, Lucy. Really great stuff. Im amazed by the insights of our Christian mystics. To me, the mystical similarities across faith lines really prove that "Everything is One thing." I love Merton's exploration of invisible depths of being vs. Etty's inner self-destruction. My very path distilled and encapsulated.



Dianna Woolley said...

Stoking the flame
Steering the ship
Pulling up treasure from the deep


l.b. said...

not either or but and ...

lucy said...

brett--i love the connection you made between these two posts. the battle really is all within, huh?

SS--looking forward to witnessing more of those treasures!!

laure--good to see you here!