Thursday, May 07, 2009

scribbled on a scrap of paper

diving into the depths...
do i fight or
will i surrender?

are you leading me
in my dreams?
will i awaken
to an ongoing nightmare

or shall peace
finally flow & wash
over me
with new, abundant


Karen said...

Beautiful words, beautiful image...

lucy said...

thanks, karen.

hmmbrd said...

Kayce... beautiful poetry born from a woman who knows the richness of life (suffering, aching, hoping...) I'm taking your poem and digesting it for this day. It is pointing me to compassion towards myself (then others.) Thanks for writing it!


Lucy -

beautiful words of hesitation and hope!


Kate Iredale said...

Lucy, this image is just beautiful and a perfect fit for your thoughts.

wdh said...

Lucy come home!

erin said...

um, i am pretty sure this poem describes my life!