Friday, July 24, 2009

Blind Date

Every now and then the virtual world meets the tangible world in the form of flesh and blood. I had that wonderful opportunity last night as fellow blogger, His Girl Friday, visited Seattle and we met face to face. I titled this post Blind Date, because meeting someone you don’t know can stir up all of those crazy feelings even if you’re not looking for romantic involvement.

I imagine you know what I’m talking about. The anticipation. What will she/he look like? Will we know each other when we see each other? Where shall we meet? Coffee or cocktail? Public place? Definitely. Ability to leave quickly or discreetly, just in case. What if we don’t like each other? What if there’s nothing to say? What if…

After e-mailing a few times, a couple of voicemails and a handful of text messages, we decided on beer at the local micro-brewery. I waited outside to make sure she found it and when she drove by in her car, we looked at each other, smiled and waved like old friends. We knew each other at first sight. We greeted with a comfortable hug, because we were not strangers. We had been conversing for a couple of years. We know things about each other that people we see on a regular basis might have no idea. She wanted to know about the rest of my vacation. I needed to check on the healing of her accident. There were no pregnant pauses in the conversation.

An added bonus was that I got to meet not one blogger, but two. Her hubby, Sleepy Bear, pulled up a little later on his “bike” and regaled us with tales of his own. Alas, they had to leave too soon to connect with their traveling companions and her departure for home this morning.

Beers, a Bear and His Girl Friday. It was a great blind date. At least I think so…Gosh, I wonder if she’ll call again ☺.


Anonymous said...

I've been blind dating from the Internet since 1995. I met a wonderful group of Single Parents in San Antonio, Texas, made many new friendships in California and met my fiance online first! I love blind dates! Suzy

kigen said...

Great post, the last line is priceless!

His Girl Friday said...

"Beers, a Bear and His Girl Friday. It was a great blind date. At least I think so…Gosh, I wonder if she’ll call again ☺. "



Tess said...

As another of your blind dates, I can say with certainty that she'll call again. But I'm a bit jealous ;-)

MrsS said...

I'm an HGF fan and I loved your meet-up story. I've done the same thing here with someone I met through Trip Advisor and, like you, we never stopped talking from the moment we met and, like you, I wondered if we'd still keep in touch ... ... ...and we do!). Thanks for sharing. xx

Dianna Woolley said...

Oh what a treat for you and for HGF! I never thought I'd hear it in this house from anyone but me, but the "other" blogger actually had fashioned some of our road trip around stopping to see one of his blog it turned out , we had to clip off a large section of the map so it didn't happen, but yes, friendships are actually made via honest to goodness real people here in blogland - loved being on your
date!! Great story!

Kayce aka lucy said...

suzy--so glad you found your way into my comments section. you are a fabulous example of good things happening out of the internet. some people just don't get it :-)

thanks, kigen.

mrs. s--thanks for stopping by. it's nice to make your acquaintance :-)

ss--wonder if meeting an online person ever occurred on "the other's" "I would never..." list? :-) you know, my first encounter with C was online. xoxoox