Monday, July 06, 2009


i feel like the fairy godmother of restoration has tapped me with a powerful wand that says "relax!". i have willingly obeyed. 10:30 a.m. Bermuda time - almost ten hours of sleep - heaven.
a gentle breeze. warm air. the sun bright, but not harshly so. the kiskadees call. my skin looks fresh and line-free. my hair falls softly. my body needs a good stretch. a swim may be in order.

Welcome to Paradise...returning home to myself. wonder who i'll find.


His Girl Friday said...

hmm, I love those days where there's nothing that absolutely needs to be done. Jammin' in the jammies all day long! ;)

Barbara said...

Let the unwinding begin! Breathe the scented air deeply for all of us!

What are kiskadees, by the way?

Dianna Woolley said...

Wonderful picture. We've had a simply gorgeous day today here in WW. 70's (after weekend of high 90's) with a cool breeze caressing everything and everybody! Paradise at home is a good thing too:)


kigen said...

Now who is the fairy godmother, I wonder?

lucy said...

thanks all...the fairy godmother just keeps showing up in wonderful shapes and forms.

kiskadees are these beautiful little birds with bright yellow chests and and white ring around their black heads. i am watching one as i type. i will try my best to offer a good photo before the week is out :-)

kate i said...

It seems paradise is not lost but has actually been found! What a gift, what joy, what delight...Bermuda! Relax into the sweet bliss of it all!