Tuesday, July 07, 2009

How Do You Fill Your Creative Well?

Blisschick in one of her always-thoughtful posts asks the above question. My inner response is “by being creative, of course.” It is an interesting cycle, because to be creative I need to feel creative. The other response I came up with is “by listening to my inner voice that says, dance, sing, create!”

Last night I did just that. On vacation with my family at the wonderful Bermuda retreat home of our dear friends, we finished dinner on the veranda around 9:30 p.m. As we walked inside to finish up the dishes, our host said, “If anyone has not seen the moon outside, you are required to do so now.” (Another way to fill the creative soul is to surround yourself with friends who require dropping the dishes and heading out to view the moon NOW! which btw--was on the opposite side from the veranda.)

So, being the obedient guest, I headed outside with the rest of the crew and stood in awe, ahhh, awwwwwwwwwweeee, of the incredible moon shining over the open sea. Discussion ensued about how bright the beach is at night when the moon is full, etc. etc. Some what ifs or we shoulds were thrown around and finally I said, “What are waiting for, let’s go to the beach! Who knows what tomorrow may bring?”

Bill and I loaded up the camera and tripod, hopped into the golf cart and went the ½ mile down to the beach to set up and await the arrival of the others. Setting the tripod and camera for time exposures, we played and did “light painting” which resulted in the photo(s) here. I skipped on the beach with the moon shining full and bright. We splashed in the rising tide. Scribbled in the sky with penlight in hand. In the midst of laughter and play, my creative well was filled to the brim. Delight seems to have that affect on me!

I considered adding even more ways the well rises to the top, but hey, I’m on vacation and more play awaits. I’d love to know though, how do you fill your creative well?


Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous. God! Beautiful.

What a blessed and bountiful experience you are having.

And, oh, yes, I agree, you fill the creative well by being creative -- which can include, observing and participating in the creations of others.

Tess said...

LOVE the photographs!

kigen said...

Love is my wellspring. These photos are truly fantastic — that you and your husband worked on it together is more romantic to me than any scene in itself could be! How lucky you are. Thank you.

Dianna Woolley said...

Great photos - great fun!

My creative well gets filled through reading great books, light subject magazines, descriptions of great travel adventures, a letter from camp, soft air of a 70 degree day, paints and glue strung around my space, a lower weight on the scale, participation in an activity well done - oh my creative well is always looking for some fresh new fodder - reading upbeat bloggers is a great plus also!


lucy said...

christine--"observing and participating in the creations of others" may be one of my quickest and most reliable ways to well-filling!

thanks, tess. there are more to come :-)

kigen--yes, it was a special creation...i do believe you like the collaborative ventures as witnessed by your recent comments at tess' place. thanks for the wonderful venue there!!

ss--thanks for offering your wonderful list of well-fillers. i absolutely agree!!!


Kel said...

part of my well-filling exercise is to visit with other souls experimenting with living a creative life

these photos are brilliant!

how lucky you are to have friends who live in such a magnificent spot and are willing to share their home with you

roxanne s. sukhan said...

love the photos. how blessed you are to share such wonder and beauty.

Kayce aka lucy said...

kel & tinkerbell--i do indeed feel quite blessed and to be surrounded by beauty in all shapes and forms...including those like you who stop by and share a little piece of yourself with me!

thank you & blessings & beauty to each of you!!!